Ivy Park gym wear

Beyoncé has just released this range of active/lounge wear, and with the gorgeous bright colours, I couldn’t help but purchase for the summer! They feel really comfy, and are totally perfect if you’re a non stop sweater like me.

I bought these products from the Topshop website, but  JD also sell them in the UK. I bought the XS in all the products – t-shirt, Calf length workout pants, and sports bra. The sizing of the gym wear is very accurate, I had a perfect fit with all the clothing products.

Ivy park gym wear.


The t-shirt, even though in XS, has a slightly over-sized look. It is sheer so you can see the sports bra underneath easily. All are made really well and there is so much quality in the material, I would definitely say this range is worth the money.

Wearing Ivy Park gymwear.

Over all the range is really comfy, and high quality, and I don’t think it is over priced, when comparing it to brands like Nike, and Adidas etc. It is really supportive, and the bright colours make it fun.

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