Did I mention I’m a bag addict?

Now if I didn’t already mention it, I am slightly obsessed with bags. Bags have always been my thing, even when I look back to when I was younger i have always loved bags. I remember being 13 and having about 40 different bags at one point… Yes, where some girls crave shoes, I crave bags.

Not a lot has changed apart from now I obsess over everything, from shoes, bags, clothes even interior design is becoming my slight obsession, and have even started buying Shabby chic furniture for my room (Shopaholic alert).

As I have gotten older, one shop I have come fond of is T K Maxx. It literally sells everything you need! If your looking for quirky goods then this is the place, and the hidden designer bargains are an added bonus! I was recently shopping for some new smart clothing for my gossip magazine internship (Discussed in the blog post here), I spotted this little beauty…

Ralph Lauren designer handbag.

And well, it’s fair to say I couldn’t help myself.

Real leather, bright pink with gold engraved detail and the perfect handbag size for my little self… too dreamy to resist.


And from the words of my mother “You only live once, so you may as well treat yourself before you grow old and have to pay bills”… Amen to that!!

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