Mac 3D glitter 

After seeing hundreds of pictures of people’s flawless make-up on Instagram, I stumbled across a new love for glittery eyes. The glamours elegant look could now be flawed with simply adding a bit of glitter to your face.

A whole lot of hunting later, I discovered Macs 3D silver glitter, and was desperate to try it. I purchased this online on the Mac website, as my local store doesn’t sell Mac make-up, and it came within a week. I ordered the fixing gel to go with it, as after reading numerous reviews that was the best product to keep the glitter on longest.

The gel was £16, and was such a big bottle, it is well worth the money as a little goes a long way with this product. It can also be used with other pigments, and various other products. The glitter was £16 also, but again, so worth the money! It sparkles all night long, and I get so many compliments on my eye make-up when I wear it.

2016-03-13 12.20.13
Wearing Mac 3D glitter.



It can be difficult to use, but after some practise you do get the hang of it. I suggest using a thin eye shadow brush to apply the fixing gel and then dab the glitter on top carefully. If you want a thicker look, then just keep applying the glitter until you get your desired sparkly look.

I hope this was useful and you have fun creating your sparkly look.

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