Luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani 


Luminous Silk Foundation

So my birthday has just passed, and one thing I desperately needed was new make-up.

On most days I just use collection 2000 concealer, as my skin doesn’t take well to being caked in greasy foundations. However just recently I have came across some reviews of a foundation by Giorgio Armani.

At first I was a bit hesitant, i’d never really known Armani to be credited for it’s make up range, and i am not normally inclined to pay a lot for make-up, and at £37, this was definitely pushing my budget.

I purchased the foundation from a local House Of Fraser store, and with 10% off, I was even more eager to try it. I went with the 3.5 colour, as that was best matched to my skin, and I liked the yellow tones it had.

After first use, i fell instantly in love with this product. I now wear it every day since purchasing, and it is an absolute dream.

I apply the foundation with a real technique brush, (from the core collection set) as I feel this gains better coverage, but using a sponge will work just as well.

I recommend giving this product a good shake before every use, as it is very liquid based.

The great thing about this foundation is that it stays on all day, and I have never found that with any make-up i have bought before, i’m normally topping my face up all day long, so this was a real winner for me.

If you feel you want more coverage, just apply more, it doesn’t look cakey or orange, it literally makes my skin feel and look flawless, and a little goes a long way with this product.

It’s got a real soft, light texture, but has great coverage at the same time, it makes my skin glow and I would definitely recommend trying it.

I’m normally one for sticking to make-up brands, like Mac, and urban decay, as they specialise in make-up only, but after using this Giorgio Armani foundation, I will definitely be trying out some more of their products.

Below are some other bits of make-up I got for my birthday, I will be doing reviews on all of them, so keep a look out as they’ll be on here soon!



Mac, Urban Decay, Real Technique, Armani

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