Working for Gossip

If you didn’t already know i’m studying journalism at Teesside University, and i have just started in my second year.

Over the summer months off it is compulsory to do a summer placement to get some hands on experience and a real grasp on what it’s like to be a real life journalist. I have always loved the idea of being an editor of the likes of Women’s Heath, or huge fashion magazines such as, Elle, Look, Glamourand even, if i dream hard enough, Vouge.

So when the opportunity arose to come in to my local fashion and lifestyle magazine, Gossip, i was ecstatic. I started my first weeks placement off on a huge high, i got told i could write my very own article on whatever topic i wanted, and it would be published in the next issue of Gossip magazine.

I thought long and hard about something to write about, and because it was featuring in the July issue, i chose a summery topic but something that would be helpful to the readers in these holiday months. Fitness and fashion are two of my favourite things, so i combined them both together and i can now say my first ever article has been published as a junior journalist.

Finished article which features in the July issue of Gossip Magazine and online.


This is the complete article i wrote on bikinis, discussing the best style for every body type, no matter what your shape or size. However the good news didn’t end there, by the end of my weeks placement, Gossip magazine offered me an internship, where i am now going to be writing an article to feature in their magazine every month!!!


My second article published in gossip magazine.

For my next article i interviewed a local eyelash beautician ‘Lash appeal’ wrote an article helping guide women what lash will suit their eye shape best. I really enjoyed writing and designing this, as beauty is another topic i love, and giving my advice to women who wouldn’t know where to start on picking the right lashes for themselves felt great.

So keep your eyes peeled!  Instagram @Rebekahjwright. The magazine is sent out locally but all articles can be read online  at and on their Facebook page – GossipMagazine

This is a real accomplishment of mine and my first insight into my career. I am so very proud to share this with you all!




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