Soap & glory XXL Pillow Plump

After Kylie Jenner got her lips done in 2014, the new trend spread worldwide. Everyone was desperate for bigger lips. However, not everyone can afford surgery like the Kardashians.This is when the lip plump lip gloss, and extra plump lipsticks became the gravitating  trend.

With the likes of Soap & Glory, Smash box, Mac, and NYX all jumping on the band wagon, young girls were on the search for lipsticks and lip glosses that had high voltage, high shines or a matt finishes.

Even Kylie Jenner herself brought out her new lip kit range. With sales rocketing, her lip gloss sold out within minutes! After searching the Internet and reading a few reviews, i decided to purchase one myself. I chose Soap and glory’s XXL Pillow plump  in the shade ‘nude in town’.

‘Nude in town’

Now for £10, without trying it i thought it was a bit steep, but when comparing it to the price of lip fillers, i decided to purchase.

I chose ‘nude in town’ as i wanted to use this lip plump for my every day make-up look. When i went to the soap and glory stand, in my local boots store, all the other colours were very pink and bright, and i wear more natural looking make-up for day to day use, so I decided on the nude. There was an option to buy the ‘clear voyant’ shade, which would probably go over any existing lipsticks you wear if they didn’t have a colour of your fancy.

The first time I tried out my Pillow Plump lip gloss, was a very strange, unexpected experience. I didn’t expect it to tingle so much! Instantly after applying the lip gloss, i felt a very strong numbing sensation. Then came the tingle and a very slight burn.

These feelings lasted a good ten minutes, and the results really did shock me!

XXL lip plump
‘Nude in town’

I would definitely recommend this lip plump. It made my lips look and feel fuller within a matter of minutes. The colour applies dark, but once the sensations have finished, the colour blends a little lighter.

It wasn’t over the top, it was acceptable for my every day make-up look, which is what i wanted. The effects lasted around 40-60 minutes, depending on how much I applied, but the gloss left my lips feeling refreshed and hydrated, even when it eventually wore off.

For £10 I would definitely recommend this lip gloss. If you topped up every hour or so, (just as you would with any normal gloss or lip stick) your lips would be left feeling plump all day long.

I haven’t tried any other lip plumper’s, but I am interested in the Matt NYX lip gloss, which I will be purchasing soon. I will put a review and compare the products once I’ve tried it.


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