Kylie lipgloss

Kylie lip kits are the up and coming trend, so i have been trying to hunt down one for a while now, to test for myself how good they really are… or in this case how bad they really are.

I’ve been trying to get hold of a lip kit for a while now, and when Kylie Cosmetics released the glosses, I was even more desperate to try. I normally wear light colours on my lips usually nudes, or baby pinks, and after seeing a lot of pictures on Instagram I decided the next time Kylie restocked I would purchase ‘So cute’.

‘So cute’ by Kylie Jenner.

I was thrilled when they re-stocked one night last week and I grabbed myself one. I don’t think I’ve ever filled my card details out so fast! It arrived today in the post and I applied it this morning when getting ready. I must say i absolutely love the colour, it’s a perfect nude, and applies really easily and thick.

The taste and texture weren’t the best compared to the XXL Lip Plump by Soap and Glory. It really wasn’t what i was expecting after the whopping price tag.

Over all it cost me roughly £20, for the gloss and the international shipping, the lip gloss is nice and i’m glad i purchased it so i wasn’t missing out on the hype but i will say, it is definitely a hype.

My lip gloss dried out within two weeks, and i had only used it 3-4 times, and didn’t get another wear out of it. I’m not sure if this was because the air has dried it up as it has been shipped from America, but i would recommend sticking to lip glosses you know and ones that work well for you, such as Mac or Urban Decay sticks.

The packaging was pretty, and i loved the feel and size of the bottle, however i would recommend sticking to Mac lipsticks or if you’re looking for a gloss, try Soap and Glory, which are sold in boots and super drug.

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