VS lip plump

Since using my Soap and glory lip plump, and loved every second wearing it, I wanted to find another I loved just as much. Victoria Secret being one of my favourite brands, I was astonished when they brought out this little beauty.

VS Lip Plump.

I was intrigued to know what this was like, I have never tried any beauty products by this company other than the Victoria Secret body sprays, (I would recommend ‘Pure Seduction’ & ‘love addict’) they smell so lush, and every time I wear them I always get complimented on how I smell.

I purchased the lip plump from an airport in Barcelona, and the body sprays a friend got me for my birthday when she was on holiday in New York but all items are on their website to purchase, if their isn’t a store near you. I decided on the shade ‘baby pink’ as when testing it, it looked very pale and shiny, and I wanted a tone I could apply over a lipstick.

Shade: Baby Pink.

The packaging is very appealing, and the lip gloss itself, although a bit bulky and over sized for my small hands, is attractive and easy to use with its simple twist and apply fixture.

Lip Plumper out of packaging.

I applied a thin layer on bare lips, and loved the taste and texture. It didn’t taste like chemicals on my lips like other products I have tried, which is a big turn off for me. I like the taste and texture slightly better than my soap and glory XXL lip plump. There was no instant tingly feeling on my lips, but within 5 minutes my lips started to feel and look fuller.

Wearing VS Lip Plumper over NYX Number 13 lip butter.

It gave a strong shine, and even when applying a small amount, the gloss was fluent, and so shiny for a good hour after applying it. The texture isn’t sticky, it felt more like a lip cream which was good, as it felt like it was moisturising my lips.

Even after eating I still managed to have most of the gloss on, and I had a slight tingle after 10 minutes of wearing it, but no severe, or unbearable numbness that I usually get with certain lip plumpers.

I would definitely recommend this product if you’re after more natural looking lips. It tastes lovely, there’s no pain when applying or wearing the product and it lasts a couple of hours, even through eating!

Feel free to ask any questions or share your feedback on how you liked this product, or if anyone has tried other shades I would love to know what they’re like.




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