My favourite looks of 2016

This year has been massive for new trends and fashion, and for me working in a Wedding dress shop, i am always keen for discovering new styles. I think finding yourself and pursuing who you are through your image is a huge part of your life, and showing yourself off as an individual through your own personal style is very important, so its nice to get it right and keep up to date with the latest fashions.

This year has definitely been all about the choker, whether diamante or simple lace, it’s bold statement really gives your outfit the finished look.

Whether your on a budget or not, chokers can be found in most stores on your local high street. I picked up my diamante choker from river island for the total cost of £14, and the lace one, in a pack of three from Primark for £2, so there really is an alternative if you’re on a budget and both look equally as good when your wanting that little extra edge to complete your outfit.

Pack of three material necklaces from Primark.

I also paired a plain t-shirt from Primark which cost the total of £2.50, with a lace lilac bralet from Zara, and layered it over the top to give the desired look above.

The next huge trend of 2016 has definitely been metallic. Whether you opted for metallic nails or shiny metallic shoes it really was not a style you wanted to miss this year as it could be carried through all seasons.


This crop top was purchased from Pretty Little Thing for £14, which i thought was a bargain. They did it in four different colours but i chose bronze as it was the closest to rose gold which i also think has been a big colour recently, and i suit warmer colours because i am fair haired.

In the summer you can pair this top with shorts or if you want an alternative night out look, pair it with some black jeans and boots.

Lace has been in fashion for a few years now, but you really can’t go wrong with a simple lace top paired with some jeans. It’s classy and sophisticated but still got a modern, fashionable, twist.

I paired the light turquoise lace top from River Island with a light blue Topshop bralet, as layering has also been bang on trend this season.

Lace has even become a trend within the shoe world, so i couldn’t resist these in the Topshop sale for £30! Definitely my bargain of the year.

But for my favourite looks of 2016, must go to these two sparkly numbers…


I love being glam so whenever i get the chance to wear a very sparkly dress i go all out. I bought my two piece from Miss guided, and my red New Years Eve dress from Pink Boutique.

I shined all night long…


What a year 2016 has been for fashion, it has been a world wind of multiple styles and new experiments, but i’d say it has been the best one yet and i’m excited for what 2017 has got in store for us.

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