Fitbit Blaze

So fitness trackers have been the new and upcoming trend for a while now, from challenging your friends on steps, and calories intake, it’s the new incentive to get fit and healthy.

I have always been very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and i work out at least five times a week. So a about two years ago i purchased my first ever fitness tracker, the JawBone Up.

That did the basics, it monitored steps, calories, sleep, and tracked any activities i wanted.
But after giving up wearing that i found a new gadget on the market.

Smart watches. I was intrigued by the Apple Watch when viewing it in the apple store a few months before Christmas. I loved the design and how sleek it looked. I was amazed myself at how ‘high tech’ technology has gotten these days.

But then i checked the price tag, and well that wasn’t so pretty…

£400? What? You’re joking right, but unfortunately not, it was way over priced.

So with a little research i came across the Fitbit Blaze.

Fitbit Blaze smart watch.

This watch was more fitness related, which ticked all the boxes for me, as fitness is something i would be using it for the most. I loved the design, and how slim it was because i only have tiny wrists it was perfect, and the £130 price tag was a lot more reasonable than Apple’s £400 watch.

It came in a box with a purple rubber band, which i wear for the gym because the texture is better if you’re sweating during your workout. To go with my more day to day looks, i ordered a rose gold strap off Ebay, but you can also get them on Amazon here. I love the fact you can alter the strap to go with any outfit. You can buy all kinds of different straps from metal, leather or rubber. On average they’re roughly around £15 for a new strap.


Fitbit blaze details.

As you can see it does an awful lot apart from just telling the time.  It monitors your heart rate, has a built in GPS, on screen workouts, workout summaries, monitors your steps and all day activity, and automatically tracks sleep and your active times without logging it. It also has really cool features, such as reading texts and other app notifications such as Facebook and Instagram. You can control your music and volume, and also answer or decline calls from it, as well as setting alarms, and having a built in stop watch and timer.

My favourite feature about this watch definitely has to be the built in fit star workouts, so if you’re ever away or not able to access a gym, it gives you step by step workouts straight from your watch – warm ups to Ab workouts, it really has got it all.

I’d say the battery life is really good, and i have been using it on a daily basis, and it definitely lasts the five days it says it should. It’s easy to charge up, you simply pop it out of the strap, and into the charger doc it comes with. it takes a bout 1-2 hours to fully charge, but i sometimes leave mine on charge over night.

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