Healthy eating hacks part 1

For all those diet haters, January can be the dreaded month. With Christmas well out the way and dry January out the window, you’re close to giving up on your bikini body goals.

The temptation of pizza, chocolate and chips are definitely starting to get in the way, and if you’re craving a treat but don’t want to suffer the guilt, then look no further, because I have found some top tricks to pull one over on your tastebuds and keep your body in top trim shape this year!

1. Chips without carbs…. what?!

Butternut crinkle cut chips bought from Sainsbury’s.

Okay so I fooled you a bit, they’re not actually chips, well not the chips you’re used to eating with a whole lot of salt and vinegar on, but they’re close. Crinkle cut butternut squash chips, roasted in the oven for 35 minutes and they come out a golden crisp.

They’re sweet, and really tasty considering they’re a vegetable with a whole lot less fat and carbs in! They contain 71 calories per half a bag, and 1.4g of fat!! That’s amazing, for less than 100 calories you can eat your chips and not feel guilty!

2. Do you have a sweet tooth?

McVitie’s digestive dark chocolate thins purchased from Tesco.

These are a new little invention by McVities. Dark chocolate thins, and they also do another flavour, milk chocolate cappacino. 

I’ve only tried the dark chocolate ones so far, and I can honestly say they are so delicious and chocolatey. Sometimes you need something sweet, and this really does cure that craving.

They’re crispy as well, so you can have one to dip in your coffee and not feel guilty about it… just don’t get too carried away and eat the whole box!

3. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Egg muffins.

If you’re sick of your boring boiled egg salad, and find yourself envying your colleagues bacon filled, cheese covered quiche, then look no further than these handy egg mcmuffins.

These mini quiches are very easy to make, with just 3 eggs, and any added ingredients you like (i used spinach, tomato and onion, and if  you’re feeling extra cheeky why not add some weight watchers cheese on top) these are the perfect lunch time snack.

Just whisk the eggs and add the ingredients to the egg mixture. Then add them to cupcake tray, and bake for roughly 15-20 minutes on 180 degrees.

…and wallah! You won’t be bored of your eggs any longer!

4. Upping your protein… in a chocolatey way.

Chocolate and peanut butter Protein Balls.

Have you read my previous post on how to make these delicious chocolate and peanut butter protein balls? Head over to here to find out all about them.

You also need to try these grenade bars, the flavours ‘cookies&cream’ and ‘caramel chaos’ they are so heavenly you wonder if they actually have 23 grams of protein in, perfect for before or after your workout.

Grenade bars purchased from Spar.


5. Sometimes a hearty meal is needed.

Homemade shepherds pie, sweet potato style.

Craving a hearty meaty dish, but can’t bear to look at the carb intake? Well why not swap your normal high fat butter filled mash with sweet potato.

I actually prefer sweet potato to normal white potatoes, so definitely switch your meals around because you mind just find healthier tastier!

Hope you enjoyed this post, follow for my social media below for more updates!



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