A trio you don’t want to miss…

I have loved reading since I was a young child, from the mystery’s of Amelia Jane, to a series of unfortunate events, I loved loved loved to read and I definitely still do.

I have moved on since the days of reading children’s story’s, and have recently fell in love with crime, horrors and thrillers. I came across an author called Peter Swanson when I first read ‘The kind worth killing’ and after that I then stumbled across his other book, ‘The girl with a clock for a heart’.

If you love crime and thriller novels with scary but mysterious twists then you HAVE to read Swanson’s books. They are by far my favourite books of all time, and Peter Swanson never fails to trick you when you least expect it.

Peter Swanson books.

He recently just brought out ‘Her every fear’ which I must say, although similar with a dark twisted tale, it was completely different to the other books he has wrote. Even though the story line is gripping, and you can’t wait to get to the end to find the answers, I must admit, there wasn’t as many twists in the book as his previous novels, (and as many as I’d of liked) but I loved it just as much, and definitely recommend reading it.

Her every fear – Peter Swanson.


I read it within 2 days of buying it, there’s just something about Swanson’s books that are so addictive, you literally cannot put them down. If you’re searching for your next book to buy, this is defineitly my top recommendation, but definitely read his first two books because he is one seriously talented author.

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