Cocoa + protein chocolate

If you’re like me and definitely crave everything chocolatey and sweet, and over indulge when it comes to desert time, don’t worry because i have found the perfect fix for chocolate lovers, who hate the calories.

I stumbled across a company called Cocoa + through Instagram and i was so intrigued by the idea of getting your post workout protein fix through a piece of chocolate, and that, i couldn’t resist trying.

So when pay day came, i ordered my first batch of Cocoa +. Now at a steep price of £7.99 you may say is it worth it? But oh boy it is. On your first order you can get 10% off which is also an added bonus!

Cocoa +

I created my own pack of three variety and chose plain chocolate, chocolate orange crisp and chocolate mint crisp. My order came within four days, and i was very impressed with how personal they had made my order, they even spelt my name right, which is a very rare occasion for me haha!

After sampling all of the flavours my favourite was most definitely the Orange Chocolate crisp. With 19 grams of protein tucked inside this block of heavenly chocolate, this invention is perfect for before or after workouts, and if you’re craving something sweet after your tea, this feels a whole less naughtier!

Cocoa + Multi pack of three.

The chocolate mint flavour tastes like a richer After eight, and it is great topped on your oats or pancakes in the morning.

I would rate the Chocolate Orange crisp a solid 9/10, there is no chemical after taste, and it tastes like a Terry’s chocolate orange, i can’t actually believe the nutrition in one whole 70g bar…

Nutritional information.

Next comes in at a solid 8/10 for the chocolate mint flavour. Although it was delicious it simply does not beat the Chocolate Orange crisp.

And finally, the plain chocolate, i did enjoy it, but if i’m honest i was left with a taste of chemicals in my mouth, and there wasn’t much of a chocolate flavour coming through. So i rate it a 4/10.

If you have tried any of the other flavours please let me know what they’re like and if you haven’t tried Cocoa + chocolate yet, you definitely need to.

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