Hit down in London Town

I have recently just came back from a short stay in London. I went down for a NCTJ council meeting, (which if you don’t know is a national diploma in Journalism which I am currently sitting along side my degree) and was lucky enough to get chosen to visit the Sky Studios, and meet some very important people and editors from The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and Sky Sports news.

It was insipriational to say the least, and it was an opputunity I am very greatful for as I got to ask top journalists how they got into this field of work, and got some great advice for my career.

I love, love, love London, and have had many childhood memories there. However I hadn’t visited London in atleast 5 years, so I was very excited for this trip.

Of course I couldn’t go to London and not do some shopping. So here is some of the super sassy outfits I got while I visited Oxford street, and what I think they will look cool with this spring and summer.

So this is a rock chick look, the shirt being from Zara, £39.99 goes perfectly with these blue ripped jeans and black pointed boots from Topshop.

This is a perfect way to bring your inner rock chick out, but still have a smart appareance with the fitted shirt.

This relaxed Tee is from River Island and for £20 I could not resist. It’s over sized fit goes perfect with leggings and uggs if you’re looking for an easy outfit in this cold weather.

Super comfy, but really stylish, the colours really contrast each other and you can’t fall off with grey as it goes with literally everything.

I also purchased this embroided blouse from Zara, for £25 i thought it was a total bargain.

These embroided shirts and jeans have been coming more and more in fashion recently, and I have a feeling they’re going to be really popular this year!

I also purchased this from Zara, on sale for £7.99!! I loved the design and pattern of it, it really reminds me of the Ralph Lauren clothing line, so for that price I definetly wasn’t waking away without it.

I also visited the Victoria Secret store while I was in London, and oh how I’m glad I did! I got to see the most gorgeous outfits worn by the actual models.

This was definitely my favourite piece worn by Bella Hadid in the Victoria Secret 2016 fashion show held in Paris. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I loved this outfit, and it looked even more gorgeous in real life.

Of course I wasn’t going all the way to London and not buying anything from the VS store. Although it was quite pricey I still went ahead and bought a sparkly blue tee, and a beige jumper and some underwear.

There is also a Valentine’s Day offer on, so if you spend over £75 you get a free gift set, which included a make-up bag, cosmetics, and some underwear! Definitely don’t miss out on this offer if you live close to a VS store.

So after a very hard, long day shopping in London, it really did not do my bank balance much good, but it definitely did do my steps on Fitbit a whole lot of good…

If you’ve been to London recently or are visiting soon I would love to hear about your trip, or any recommendations for the next time I visit.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and head over to my Facebook for regular updates!

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