Valentines gifts for him and her

Valentines day is here again, another year and just another day to some people.
If you’re still slumming in your single ways, don’t worry too much because fifty shades darker has just been released at the cinemas and i’m sure that will make you feel a whole lot better about your love life… or not.

Saint Valentine’s Day is an official feast day in the Anglican Communion… just ignore the rest and focus on feast, take yourself out for dinner or order that well deserved take away that will make you feel a lot better.

Anyway, for the ones who have got a partner this Valentines day, and can’t think of anything to get the other half, then here are a few ideas I have put together for you to win your loved ones over this year.

1. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is a total foodie, then this ones for them…

Reese’s peanut butter heart.

I mean this is a winner for anyone, extra large peanut butter cup? yes please.

Local supermarkets sell these but i found this online on Urban Outfitters for £12.

2. Everybody loves memories

Glitter Instax frame.

I personally love photographs, and for £6 you definitely cannot go wrong with these.

Print out your favourite snaps and wrap these cute little frames up, you’ll definitely win over your partner with this thoughtful gesture… just make sure it’s a photograph they love and not a goofy one, they might not thank you for that.

3. Did you say Tiffany?

Heart tag with key pendant.

If you have some serious making up to do, or just have a lot of cash to splash, then your girlfriend, fiance, or wife will adore you for this one.

If you’re partner loves jewellery, necklaces and all things designer, the little blue box is the key to her heart… especially with this necklace, but make sure she’s worth it because for £160 this could be a big blunder.

4. Personalised gifts for him

Personalised watch stand.

This was a favourite of mine, it’s personal, touching, and something a man can use everyday.

For £25 i think this is a good buy, you can personalise it to say whatever you want. This may be the perfect gift if you’re looking for that thoughtful touch.

5. Booze together?

‘You’re the bomb’ mug.

If you’re not quite yet at that serious stage, but want something to show how much you enjoy there company without looking all cliche, and cringe worthy, then this novelty mug might just be the answer.

For £13 this is a great idea for both men and women. Which you can purchase by clicking on the caption above.


I hope this was helpful to all the couples out there who are stuck for an idea for Valentines day, and to the singletons, there’s always next year!

💖 💖 💖 💖 Happy Valentines Day 💖 💖 💖 💖







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