Body confidence

It is body confidence week at my university, and this is a topic that rarely anybody goes into much detail about. Many young men and women suffer with body confidence issues, or just confidence in general, but most of the time people don’t know where to look for advice or how to start to get over this hurdle in their life.

First things first, loving and accepting yourself is the key to being a healthier and happier you. If you cannot accept who you are, life will become more than a struggle.
I myself used to be paranoid about what I looked like to others, it became that much of an issue I would HATE eating out in public. I would always be so conscious of my weight, and thought I looked fat, when if anything I was under weight. Now? Now I couldn’t care less about what anybody really thought about me, the only opinion that matters to me, is my own and here are a few small steps of how I learnt to accept myself.

Stop comparing – I’d like to start by saying comparison really is the thief of joy. There will always be someone who is in a better position than you but also, someone in a worse one. I myself have had to work really hard to get where I am today, “some people have it so much easier than me”, I would hear myself say if I didn’t achieve the mark I wanted in an assessment, or if other people did better than me with so much ease, even though I had been sure I had put my all into it. This can be a very harmful attitude for yourself. Be proud of what YOU have achieved, boast about YOUR grade even if it’s not the highest compared to your friends, trust the fact that everybody is a different individual, some people are more academic than others, some people have faster metabolisms than you, some people are born with an easy road ahead of them and others have had a much tougher road to get to where they are today. You have to remember that there is only one of you, and if you want to be like somebody else, you are wasting your capability’s and your life.

Set yourself goals – If you strive to be better than the person you were yesterday, then start by making little changes. Set yourself little reminders to do something you haven’t done before. Revise for that 15 minutes extra, go for a half an hour walk every evening to clear your mind, replenish your body with some ‘me time’ and remember to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. All these little steps can help build your confidence, having peace with yourself is the start to having peace with everything around you.

Don’t trust social media – Don’t and I repeat don’t believe everything you see on social media. I can fully say myself that everything on Instagram, is totally prettier and cooler than my actual life. Anybody can put a filter on a photograph, or tweek it to make themselves look thinner or have nicer skin, but just trust the fact EVERYONE has a flaw they don’t like about themselves, an insecurity they are conscious about, and they definitely won’t be posting about it on social media, they’ll show you the nicest parts, so stop comparing yourself to what you see on your phone, stop scrolling endlessly and looking at images that are half the time, not the truth.

The gym – Nothing gives me a confidence boost and those happy endorphin’s like doing a gym class. The gym for me is my ‘happy place’ and there is nothing like going to the gym when you’re feeling crappy about yourself. You will come out feeling much happier and be in a more positive frame of mind. Moving your body, even for half an hour a day is essential to keep your hormones happy.


Remember that everybody’s story is completely unique, everyone has their own personal struggles. But these challenges are what form you, they make and create the person who you are destined to be. Some things seem so much easier for others. Don’t be unfair to yourself, think happy thoughts. Learn to take a deep breathe, and accept, because whats meant to be will always be. Life throws certain things at you when you least expect it, but in the long run it will make you appreciate life for what it is, and trust that life isn’t always as planned. As you begin to do this you will feel more confident within yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my little ramble about self confidence, if you liked it let me know!






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