The bloggers hub event 

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but with uni work being so hectic i just haven’t had chance. I’m learning shorthand  as part of my National Journalism diploma alongside my degree and if anyone doesn’t know what that is, it’s pretty much a load of scribbles on a piece of paper.

Easter break can’t come quick enough, I’m going to be doing a lot more films for my YouTube channel, such as workouts, vlogs and even make up reviews and tutorials, as this is something I have a real love for, and can’t wait to share my new content with you all.

Anyway let me talk about the recent event I have been to with The bloggers hub. If you don’t follow The bloggers hub on Instagram/Facebook/twitter then you need to, especially if you’re a newbie to all this blogger stuff like myself.

The bloggers hub is basically a platform for all types of bloggers, where they can build contacts, share they’re own content and also get invited to cool events like this one I went to in Leeds.

I learned about the event through Facebook, and decided it was the perfect place for me to build some contacts but also get some great advice on how to develop my blog.

Lambert’s Yard – The Bloggers Hub event

I boarded the train at Thornaby station and arrived at my destination within one hour. The atmosphere was buzzing, and Leeds football fans were chanting – there must have been a match on that day.

I had a few hours to kill so I did some shopping, of course, and somehow ended up in The alchemist for a few cheeky cocktails too.

Cocktails in the Alchemist Leeds.

1pm arrived and I headed down to Lambert’s yard for a very exciting few hours ahead. When I found the place, I was in awe, the room was so stylish and modern and it just seemed the perfect place to hold this event.

Here I met with some fashion, beauty, and travel bloggers. They made me feel so welcome and we chatted on about our blogs, swapped blog links, and shared some top tips.

The event then began and Shanice, the founder of The bloggers hub, had put together a presentation on how to build brand sponsorship’s, approach companies, create the best content for your audience and gain collaborations.

Myself and Shanice, founder of TBG.

She went through everything in depth that you need to know about what creates a successful blog. I’m going to share a few pointers below, for anyone who’s wanting to start a blog or who have a blog already, here are a few tips.

  •  Focus on you’re audience – First tackle the question, who is your target audience? Who are you writing for? Then the rest should come pretty easy. It’s all about learning what your audience like to read and what they don’t.

  • Objective – Why, think about why you are writing this, what do you want from it? What will you gain? Every blogger has an objective, whether like Zoella, who turns her followers into consumers, having a plan of what you want from your blog is an essential element to a successful blog.

  • What is success to you when it comes to blogging? Think about what you want, planning is key. Of course building following is essential to getting yourself noticed, and connecting with other people. Liking and following other blogs will also help you gain followers and readers and don’t forget to share share share your content on all media platforms.

    TOP TIP: Readers are more likely to engage with your blog if it is relatable. Talk about life, discuss silly stuff that everyone goes through, but base it on facts people might not know already to create a new angle. Make sure it’s short, snappy and different… No cliches!!

    The bloggers hub also discussed how to make the perfect media kit, but I am going to do another blog post in further detail on what a media kit is and how to make the perfect one to suit your blog – as this is something which needs a lot of attention to detail when making.

Inside at TBH event.
Outfit Details: Shirt – Zara  Jeans – Topshop

Whether you are a blogger looking to be paid to write about a holiday in Hawaii, or to promote clothes from the hottest brands, or even to give advice on mums to be… these simple steps will get you heading in the right direction.

If you have any questions, please contact me on any of my accounts below!

Instagram @ Rebekahjwright


Thank you for reading,


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