The importance of mental health

If you have looked on my blog before, or follow me on social media, you will soon begin to realise I have a strong interest in health and fitness. I love keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which I know has become a lot more of a crazy trend recently on the likes of Instagram.  

With all that aside, I think all these bloggers and fitness guru’s tend to forget about the most important part of the human body, and that’s our brains. If we don’t have a healthy mindset then how can we live a healthy lifestyle? Young girls are getting caught up on looking like a photograph on social media rather than focusing on what’s healthy for them. Each person is different, everyone has a different body shape and everyone has a different ‘healthy’. 

Not many bloggers focus on the importance of a ‘healthy mind = healthy body’ concept and that’s something I think should be made more aware of, especially for young girls stalking the likes of these women who claim they’re professional fitness guru’s, sometimes they don’t realise how damaging there images are to society. 

Since the sun was out the other day, and the weather picked up a little (which is a huge deal to anyone who lives in the North East of England) I decided to go for a run. I really forgot how much I loved outdoor running, I used to run for my college when I was in sixth form but when I got into uni I got a little relaxed and forgot how much I enjoyed it.

But not only that, I realised how beneficial it is being outside, breathing in some fresh air, and clearing your head. It really did me the world of good, and actually inspired me to write this blog post, even when I have a 3,000 word essay to write. Procrastination at it’s finest.

I myself have struggled with anxiety really badly since the age of 17. I never put a label on it because I never understood what I was feeling, until now. When I was younger I did find it hard to cope with, I felt as though I had ten bricks on my shoulders weighing me down.


Sometimes you just get that feeling where everything’s a bit too much, dragging you down, and not being able to think straight. I start to panic and think everyone is judging me, I do suffer with social anxiety a little bit too, and despite how stupid it sounds, I actually hate going into supermarkets, or getting the bus alone, due to the amount of people around me.

Even though I’m not one for locking myself up in my room and isolating myself, sometimes your mind can play tricks on you, and you suddenly feel alone, and unable to handle simple daily tasks, even now I still have my good and bad days. So when I was on my run, I thought of some easy activities that could help you when you’re in these times of anxiety and worry. 

1. Do what you’re fearing…

I cannot recommend this enough, when you’re scared to leave the house, when you don’t want to face anyone because you’re scared of being judged… do it. Face them. Go out into that busy crowd, go for that run, go to the shops. Get out there. No matter how you feel, conquering your fear is ultimately the best way to get rid of it, and then the next time that feeling creeps up on you, you know you are capable of handling it.

2.  Do things alone

I think getting used to being on your own, and doing things on your own, even like going to the shops, or going for a 15 minute walk, can really help to cure any anxiety. Only you can help yourself, so learning to do this on your own is one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt. Don’t depend on someone else, because one day they might not be there. Don’t get me wrong I still have days I don’t want to go anywhere, but sometimes doing it alone is the best way.

3. Exercise

I know this is probably the one that is banged on about the most, but it really is the best way to clear your mind if you’re feeling fuzzy. It’s not only great for your fitness, but your mental health can be benefited so much more.

4. Breathe

This then brings me to the next important point. Don’t forget to breathe. When you’re feeling overwhelmed take a deep breath. I’ve even heard yoga can be good for tackling this too!

5. Talk about it

Remember to confide in someone, don’t bottle up all your negative energy. Speak with someone, a loved one or someone close to you about how you feel, and what you’re scared, stressed or worrying about. They may not be able to solve the problem itself, but they will be able to help you with how you are feeling, and sometimes sharing an issue can help prevent the anxiety building up inside you.3723128-just-take-a-deep-breath-quotes.jpg

Just remember mind over matter, don’t let little things take power over you.

I hope this post was helpful, I just wanted to make aware that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just maintaining a body that’s Instagram worthy, keep your mind healthy and the rest will follow!






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