Girl behind the blog: Get to know me!

Firstly apologies for the very long delay in a blog post. I have finally broken up from university and I am glad to see the back of second year, although I have enjoyed this year a lot, the last few weeks have been the most stressful so far in my journey at university. AND It is a bit daunting that this time next year I will of left education for good, and actually have to venture out into the ‘real’ world and get a ‘real’ job. Scaryyyyyy times.

Anyway, I wanted to do a blog post that was a little different today, a get to know me type of post…  Not that i’m that interesting or anything but here goes!

Lets start with the basics…

Full name: Rebekah Jodie Wright 

Age/date of birth: 20 years old, born 12th March 1997

Star sign: Pieces

Favourite Colour: Blue/green

Height: 5 feet and a bit… the best things come in small packages, and that is most definitely true, unless were talking about cars and houses. 

Siblings? One brother who is 5 years older

Pets? Two doggies, Robert a cocker-spaniel and Albert, a miniature dachshund. 

Degree: Journalism B/A

Dream job: I have always wanted to be an editor of a fashion/lifestyle magazine, such as Women’s Health mag, or Cosmo/Vogue. But after studying Journalism for 2 years now, i’m quite open to what happens after my degree, I just want to see where life takes me, I love the investigative side to journalism too.

Piercings/tattoos: No tattoo’s, just 12 piercings on my ears only!

Celebrity look alike: My dad always says I look like Fern Cotton, probably because of my nose I think, but I have also been told I look like Holly Willoughby, and Laura Whitmore… I don’t see it at all, but i’d take their jobs any day!

Nationality: British – Yep born & bread in the North East of England, in a town called Stockton-on-tees (If you’ve seen Channel 4’s benefit street, then don’t judge, because I live no where near that part of the town…)!

Favourite food: Ermm, this is hard to narrow down because I love a lot of foods! I’m quite a healthy person and love nutritious foods, but if I had to choose a savoury dish it would probably involve chicken… but breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day so, oats/pancakes with all the toppings! (See my favourite pancake recipe here)

 Favourite book & Author: My favourite author is Peter Swanson, he writes fictional  thriller’s and my favourite of his books, are either The kind worth killing, or The girl with a clock for a heart. If you want a book where you just want to get lost in it, and literally can’t put it down then I suggest you read these books, Swanson really knows how to write a book to keep your mind racing. Read more about the books here

Random fact: When I first went to sixth form, on my first day they asked the class to introduce themselves and follow it with an interesting fact, I had no clue what to say so I said ‘My dog is called Robert and I have a tortoise called Norman’ and everyone laughed but now when I have time to think about it, a really random fact is that I actually started to learn how to play the trumpet back in school… yes… the trumpet. Is that random enough?!

Hobbies: My hobbies are a bit boring to be honest, I love the gym, and workout every single day, and I love reading, writing, listening to music, exploring, and taking photographs. Pretty plain hobbies, but that’s what I like doing… and especially writing for the blog as it’s just a space I can get creative and express myself, which sometimes I find hard to do.

Favourite music: Well my music consists of quite a wide variety, I love a lot of different music, but my all time faves has got to be The Smiths, and then of course Ed Sheeran.

Something i’d like to do: I really want to learn to play the guitar so that’s definitely something I want to do this summer, and also do some charity runs, like the great north run. I love running, and actually used to run for the college when I studied there.

Places you would like to visit: I really want to travel all over and see the world, but my dream is to visit New York, and I really want to go back to Amsterdam this year!

Languages:  English, although I did get a B in French at school… if that means anything. I’d love to learn another language in the future!

Favourite series: I’ve watched a few good series – Power, Breaking Bad & Prison Break have been the best so far.

Favourite TV programs: I don’t watch that much TV, but whenever there is a baking program on like extreme cake makers or the great British bake off, I definitely have to watch.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post! I’m going to try and get a blog post up every day this week so keep an eye out.







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