3 tips to help you stay healthy on holiday! 

Holiday time is just around the corner, and if you live in England then I hope you’re getting abroad this year, as from previous years, we know summer is a little unpredictable.

Either way, we need to feel good for when the bikini season hits, so here are some top tips to get in shape and stay healthy when travelling this summer…

1. Water 

Alcohol becomes a big habbit on holidays, and if you can’t avoid it then keeping your water levels high is a nessisity, before, during and after drinking alcohol. It will not only keep your body hydrated after a good drinking binge, but also help to reduce unwanted water retention and rid of any bloating, oh and helps that hangover of course.

Try drinking 3-4 litres of water a day and watch how fast your body bounces back after a night on the booze! Remember to pace yourself, if you are drinking, have a glass of water inbetween your drinks.

2. Active 

I know myself that when it’s boiling outside the only thing I like doing is lounging around in the sun, but getting your body up and moving, and stretching your muscles is something we take for granted. Not only will you be getting rid of any excess calories, but vitamin D deficiency is something that us Brits definitely secretly suffer from. It is an essential key living a healthy life, even half an hour of sun will benefit your bones, teeth and skin. Who doesn’t want to feel healthy and have good skin?!

My tip, whether it’s swimming in the ocean (be careful of any sharks) or walking along the sand, get 30 minutes of exercise in, stretch your legs and enjoy the sunshine! Even make it a family affair and hire some bikes. Not only will you feel better for it, but it’s doing wonders for your body.

3. Mindful eating

Some see eating on holiday as quiet a challenge, and the all inclusive 5 star buffet can be a tempting hurdle to conquer. My dad always gets about 5 plates, one for the toast, then a big bowl of cereal, and you can’t forget the English breakfast, pasteries and then cakes?! Cake for breakfast? Luxury or what…. or not. Your body won’t be feeling too luxurious after all that food!

Be mindful. Don’t use the term holiday as an excuse to go over board. Indulging on holiday is fine, and what holidays are all about, but make sure your not just eating for the sake of it. Food is a source of energy, so don’t eat if you feel full, no matter how tempting that desert is!

I hope these tips keep you healthy and happy this summer, and stay safe if you are travelling this year!



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