Urban decay: shadow box review 

Urban decay is by far my most favourite brand for eyeshadow pallets. Down to each and every shade and shimmer to the consistency, these pallets are my all time go to.

I have the Naked, Naked smokey eye, and Naked 2 pallet AND I recently purchased the Urban Decay shadow box. 

Mainly for one colour in particular, ‘Free Love’, as from watching endless tutorials on YouTube, I could see bright pinks were becoming more and more popular.

Urban Decay – Shadow box

Do you ever get sick of using the same boring pastels? Using neutral colours for every day looks is what most people tend to do, as they don’t want to look over the top for a day sat in the office.

BUT, this pallet has your neutral tones, mixed with the perfect contrast, to conquer your boring daily eyeshadow routine and is perfect for beginners wanting to experiment a little more with colour.

Since trying this I must say, I’ve fell in love with each and every colour. The bright colours are really appropriate for festival season approaching.

Base – SIN – Crease and blender – FREE LOVE Wet brush and go over lid with – BAKED COWBOY…. under eye – FLASH

Per usual for Urban Decay, these shadows lay down loads o’ pigment, blend easily and cling to the skin (I get at least 12 hours out of them when I use them on top of a primer).

The fall out can be a little annoying, so for this reason I always do my eyeshadow first, and use tape to get the perfect precision. (Using a primer will also help with this, as primers help make-up stay put).

It’s so much easier to wipe away all the excess which has fallen onto your face afterwards, without having to worry about rubbing all that contour off you’ve just spent 30 minutes perfecting.

So if you’re an expert mua, or a beginner wanting to try something a little different, this pallet is perfect for you.

At £23 from House of Fraser, I thought this was a bargain. Buy yours here

Hope you enjoyed today’s review, and if you’ve  tried it let me know your thoughts on it!

(Lipstick is from Kylie Cosmetics KOKO collab, shade – Doll)



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