The best brunch stop in Durham

If you live in the Teesside area then this post is for you lovely bunch!

I recently went for a little afternoon trip to Durham, and well a good food stop is in order with any shopping trip.

Durham (if you don’t know) is a lovely little town, it has a few shops such as Jack Wills, New look, H&M, Accessories and even a Pandora. They also have a beautiful cathedral which sits in the heart of the town. 

There’s loads of cute little shops and if you’re ever in the area, then you definitely need to visit!

So after a mooch about the town centre, we settled on the Flat White Kitchen for some brunch.

Inside the Flat White Kitchen, Durham.

The menu looked devine, and the boho, minimalistic interior was bliss to sit in and admire.

Home made granola, Greek yogurt & berries.

I opted for a healthy breakfast, fruit, Greek yogurt and, the finest home made gronola I have ever tasted! 

It’s nutty texture was gorgeous, crunchy yet still so tasty. They definitely nailed that one.

I like to drink Peppermint tea when it’s that girly time of the month as I suffer with serve bloating. So when I seen they did a variety of loose leaf teas I was delighted. 

Girls if you suffer with bloating when it’s that time, then I suggest you try drinking 2 cups of peppermint tea, one on a morning and one before bed. I use caffeine free because I love having a hot drink before bed, and especially one that’s not going to keep me awake!! 

Plus if you tend to snack later on in the day, drinking healthy teas before bed will stop any confusion between dehydration and hunger. 

Blueberry pancakes.

The blueberry pancakes are also an absolute must if you’re visiting the cafe.

Although, a half stack is probably a better option as a full stack is hard to defeat no matter how hungry you are… so we found out haha.

Flat white kitchen, Durham.

So head down to this little cafe/kitchen the next time you’re visting and let me know your delicious food choice. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

I will be starting up daily blogging from next week (I’m on works experience at my local paper this week, so will be slightly busy).

But keep your eyes peeled as there is a lot of new content coming your way!

Thanks for reading,



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