#ANEVENINGWITH River Island Studios

I'm not sure where to start really, so I'll start by explaining how I got the opportunity to meet some of the most gorgeous ladies at last nights #ANEVENINGWITH event down at the Marble Arch, in London.

I have been a major fan of River Island from ever since I can remember. Saving my pocket money up from my paper round every week to then go shopping on a Saturday with my friends, was my ultimate weekly goal.

Ever since Chelsea Girl first reckoned the high street with its almighty glory of quirky trends I have always been a fan.

My mother is a seamstress and learned to make her own clothes since she was a young teenager, so I get my originality and style from her… definitely not my dad.

She loves experimenting with colours, patterns and all shapes and styles, which is something I definitely inherited. So thanks Mam for being a top notch fashion queen!!

A few years back when Instagram was becoming more and more popular, I took upon myself to follow all my favourite brands and companies.

So that is where @RISTYLESTUDIOS comes into this equation.


I recently came across a competition to win an evening with the beautiful Amy Neville and amazing photographer Rebecca Spencer.

And can you believe I won?!

This is literally a dream come true for me because I have followed these girls online for soooo long. I love Amy's originality, and Rebecca's work could make a potato look good.




I had followed these girls on their journey to fame and now here I was finally meeting them!

Rebecca shoots some very famous models, along with her best friend, fashion influencer, Sarah Ashcroft. (Whom I got to meet!!!!)

Rebecca's best advice for people who love photography was to focus on movement. "Bringing your photos to life really is they key, I studied fine art photography at University, I love photos that tell a story, that's why I love movement in a photograph."

She also said: "I never imagined  I would end up going into this field of work. When I started University 4 years ago, the job I have now (Shooting bloggers) wasn't even invented yet."

"It is hard work, it takes up such long hours of shooting all day and editing all night, but it all pays off.

I never imagined myself to go into the fashion industry. I love fashion though, I'm glad I fell into this line of work. It was fate almost."

Rebecca gave fantastic advice. It was so interesting to meet them both face to face and talk about how they have grown their blogs/careers over the last few years and how things have changed since they first started out.

I totally fan girl-d when I got to sit next to the beautifully stunning SARAH ASHCROFT! LIKE WHAT?!

I'd seen this girls success from when she first started out taking pictures in her garden against a brick wall. I couldn't believe that not only was she in the same room as me but she's actually sitting next to me and talking to me!

All of the bloggers were sooo lovely, and the night was amazing. We drank champagne and spoke about all things fashion and blogs.


Amy gave some great advice, and because not only is she a blogger, but a fashion model too, she was able to give us great fashion inspo.

"Don't copy. Don't look at what everyone else is doing, because that's already been done. No-body's really interested in the same thing over and over. Just be you, and rock you. Yeah get inspiration from others but just do it your way."

"I'd describe my look as quiet effortless but I always like to make a statement. It's so good to be able to own your own style."

Amy also said her favourite fashion must have was definitely  a leather jacket.
"Leather jackets and boots are my all time go to. I love being bold and putting bright coloured boots with every outfit."

Which she rocked amazingly in a suede leather jacket and red boots last night at the event.


It was a fantastic experience, and a night I certainly won't ever forget. I learned some great things, got to meet with some of my favourite blogging idols, and met some new faces.

To shop the looks head over to the River Island website here.

You can also watch some of the event live from River Islands Facebook page here.

I will tag all of my outfit details below!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, for more follow my INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK.

Lots of love,











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