THAT PROTEIN: Review & Vlog

Hello to all my readers!

This week I have been sent some yummy and nutritious treats to try and review for you lovely lot.

I have been lucky enough to try out a new protein powder from THAT PROTEIN.


If i'm honest protein powders aren't really my thing because every single one I've tried tastes like chemicals… and if i'm drinking something that tastes like chemicals, then no doubt it is full unwanted and unnecessary things that my body really doesn't need.

BUT, I was intrigued when I stumbled across this company online, because all of their protein powders are plant based.

You may be thinking plant based? What's that?

WELL, these products are made from all  NATURAL ingredients, and are dairy free, have no added sugars, non GMO, no sweeteners, free from anything artificial!

Where once there were protein powders and superfood powders, that protein now introduces its Super Proteins. They are the only organic vegan proteins fused with organic superfoods, developed by nutritionists.

At the forefront of the “eat clean” and plant-based living movement, that protein’s products are entirely dairy free, have no refined sugars, no colourings and no artificial flavours or allergens. They provide double nutrition with their 2 in 1 raw and natural protein fusions.

At that protein we source rare organic plant proteins like pumpkin seed protein as well as popular ones (like hemp protein and brown rice protein) and marry them with their perfect superfood partners such as raw cacao or baobab to bring you the best organic protein in these superfood protein blends.

Our cold-pressed Super Proteins make delicious dairy free protein shakes, can be added to smoothies, baking or cereals for a boost of nutrient dense protein.

The range is high in protein, fibre, vitamin C and omega 3. The health benefits include building muscle, helping reduce tiredness and fatigue, supporting a healthy immune system and supporting a healthy heart among others.

Our nutritionists’ mission is to bring the best new protein and superfood sources to help you in your journey to eat clean. The range is suitable for everyone from those desiring a raw vegan protein to nutritionally savvy users who want healthy organic protein products.

So in normal terms, they'res no crappy chemicals hiding in it, it does exactly what it says on the tin… or in this case, packet.




I was even more thrilled when I discovered they had a blog with recipes on which are made from their powders, as if you know me, you know I love baking my healthy treats!

I will most definitely be trying out their Raw Chocolate And Orange Protein Fudge recipe and their chocolate protein pancakes look to die for.

starting your business.png

You can check out their recipes here.

I didn't get time to try out any of these delicious recipes yet, but instead I made a post-workout smoothie for you all to try, and I filmed it all in my first ever VLOG.

Please excuse the state of me, it was filmed in a bit of a rush and I wasn't looking camera ready but here it is anyway…

I hope you enjoyed watching my first VLOG!

I can honestly say That Protein have nailed a protein powder which is not only good for you, but seriously nutritious, and perfect for all dietary requirements.

It's certainly the tastiest protein I've ever had, and like I said I'm not really into powders due to their taste, so I would 100% recommend this.

It's great for people looking to start drinking protein powders but not knowing where to begin.

I will soon be uploading some recipes I have made with the product so keep an eye out and when I post them I will also be letting you know the health benefits I have had since taking That Protein blissful brown rice & raw cacao super protein. 

I have only been taking it for a week so far and have felt so many benefits already but I will put another blog post up in a few weeks to talk in more detail about these benefits.

Thank you all for visiting The Little Peace Of Me.

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