The skinny bakery: Review

If you read my blog/know me, then you know baking healthy treats is right up my street.

I'm a regular gym goer, but one thing that stumps me most on my fitness journey is definitely the fact I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

But then I found The Skinny Bakery.

I'd heard of the company from various famous fitness gurus on Instagram & YouTube, so when they said they would love to send me some of their products to review I was overjoyed.

I'm going to give you a rating out of 10 for each of the products/flavours I received to make it super easy for you guys.

So coming in at Number 1 is without a doubt the Chocolate chip cookies. These literally tasted like a normal chocolate chip biscuit, I couldn't believe how low calorie the full pack was… I definitely took full advantage. At 37 calories a biscuit, you don't have to feel guilty about eating the whole pack.
Chocolate chip cookies – 10/10

In joint second is the carrot cake pearl drops. I am a huge fan of carrot cake so trying these I had very high expectations. I must say they 100% met them. At just 39 calories each, it's hard to believe how much it tastes like actual carrot cake.
Carrot cake pearl drops – 9/10

… Along with the Banoffee pie pearls! If you love banana like me, then these are a must try. Super light and creamy, they tasted exactly like banoffee flavoured cake.
Skinny Banoffee pie pearls -9/10

The raspberry pearls are the perfect consistency. They are light, creamy and very sweet. I will definitely be putting them in my basket the next time I order my long list of sweet treats! These are a must try if you like something light and sweet.
Skinny raspberry pearls – 8/10

Millionaire shortcake is my all time favourite naughty treat. The texture of these is exactly like cake, and the chocolate filling was to die for, it was so rich and creamy. I would recommend adding these to your bag if your looking for a sweet fix. At 38 calories each, this is diet heaven.
Millionaire shortcake flavoured pearls – 7/10

At 42 calories each, these chocolate pearls are a low calorie alternative to chocolate cake. They have a creamy chocolate spread filling which tastes delicious. If I'm honest, I'm a total chocoholic, so these weren't the most satisfying and unfortunately didn't meet my high-chocolate standards. They were really nice though, and I would definitely recommend trying them.
Skinny chocolate pearls- 6/10

If you like Beetroot then you will like these. 34 calories each and very light filled with a low fat cream cheese filling. They weren't my favourite mainly because they weren't the sweetest, and if I was going for a healthy treat I definitely want it to fulfill my sweet tooth.
Skinny beetroot pearls – 4/10

With help from my dad, we taste tested these coconut balls, and if I'm completely honest they weren't our cup of tea. For us, they just weren't sweet enough, especially compared to the pearl drops we'd tasted previous. They just didn't taste coconut-ty enough for our taste buds. But try for yourself and let me know what you think.
Skinny coconut and chocolate bites – 2/10

Find them on Instagram @SkinnyBakery, let me know which flavours you try, and what's your favourite.

For regular updates, follow my Instagram & Facebook.

Lots of love,

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