The best way to style florals this summer

Summertime has flew past us again, more quickly for us Brits, as we get about a week of good weather and our summer's pretty much over with.

But I wanted to write this piece for all you fashion lovers out there, who might be looking for a little inspiration when it comes to your wardrobe.

And today? Well today is all about florals.

Whether it's the humongous embroidered patterns you see slapped on every shirt, tee, jeans and bag these days, I wanted to help you know what to style it with.

So first things first… find your floral.

Find the floral that suits your style. Do you usually go for big, bright and bold statement looks? Or are you more of the delicate sort?

If you like the embroidery to stand out on your clothing then you don't want to be looking like a walking curtain.

Your best option when going for a bold patterned shirt, is to pair it with some skinny, ripped or MOM style jeans.

MOM/ boyfriend jeans don't look good on me because I'm so little, they give me no shape whatsoever.

But if you have nice height and want a more vintage look, then definitely go for them.

Otherwise skinny or ripped jeans look good paired with anything.

Shirt from Zara.

That goes for bags too.

You don't want to be looking too co-ordinated.

If your using a statement bag, try matching the colours – not the pattern.

Summery colours such as pastel pinks and blues go with pretty much any pair of jeans and sandals.

Just don't over-do it on the floral hype.

Bag from River Island.

If your taste sways more to the delicate style, then strappy bodysuits are a win win.

If you do have an eye for all things lacey, and cute, then make sure your still opting for bright colours.

Don't forget it is still summer, you want something that's going to reflect that in your outfit.

If you like the delicate rather than the heavy patterns, but aren't really a 'girly girl' – then pair it with a suede or faux leather jacket and your inner rock chick can still be expressed.

Bodysuit from Topshop.

All things with huge, floaty, bat-winged sleeves are in this season.

High-street trends are all on board the Spanish feels with layers on layers of frills from shoulder to wrist.

So if your digging this style then pair it with some vintage blue jeans, simple open toe heels or sandals, and the perfect combination of Spanish is exhilarated through the flamenco outfit tradition.

Top from River Island.

If you're off to any festivals this summer then why not introduce the floral theme with a forever needed kimono.

The long-line ones are the most festive due to their floaty-ness, and the length of the these kimonos definitely lengthen your frame if you're short like myself.

Kimonos are super easy to style, due to them being so detailed themselves.

All you need is a pair of jeans and a matching coloured vest and walla! You're festival ready.

The kimono is from River Island.

If you're off to any BBQ's or garden party's this summer, and have the dreaded fear of "Will I look over-dressed?!" Or
"Is this too plain? I'm going to look sooo under-dressed."

Well let me just tell you, floral skirts are your winner when it comes to these dilemmas.

You can dress them up or down as much as you feel necessary.

The skirt shown above is from River Island, and I paired mine with heels and a floaty, layered, top for a dressy occasion.

But you could even wear this loose peplum skirt to a festival, paired with tie up sandals, and a lace vest or crop top.

Same goes for this festival style shift dress.

It's open back makes it the perfect summer time dress.

The colours are bold but not over powering and could be paired with brown suede ankle boots or a flat sandal for a more casual look.

The dress is from Urban Outfitters.

I know how daring these bold floral items look when you're shopping in local fashion stores.

So I hope you enjoyed today's post and it helps you know what to style florals with the next time you shop for you're next outfit.


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