Nutri-brex granola review & flapjack recipe

Let’s just clarify one thing about me, when it comes to granola I’m a total addict.

I was lucky enough to get sent some super healthy granola last week, and well let me tell you how it’s changed my life.

Okay maybe it’s a tiny bit dramatic to say it’s ‘changed my life’ but seriously, it’s so good nutritionally and taste wise, you’ll wonder how you’ve never tried it before.

If you’re a granola lover too, then you’ll know how calorific and high fat it can be, even when you fill your bowl with fruit and yogurt, sometimes these claim to be ‘healthy’ granolas aren’t all what they make out to be.

SO let me introduce…

5-ways granola by Nutri-brex!

The hazelnut, coconut & quinoa flavour is so tasty, if you love coconut then you need to try this because it seriously is so sweet and delicious.

The honey, almond and seed flavour is just as good, and the health benefits are even better.

Both flavours contain less than 6g of fat and 3g of sugar per serving, are gluten free and have no artificial preservatives and artificial additives AND are suitable for vegetarians.

This high fibre breakfast is great because it can be used in FIVE different ways. Yes five!!

1. Obviously you can have it as your normal granola or bircher, either with some low fat Greek yogurt or milk of choice, and add some berries for that extra sweetness.

2. You can have it as porridge! Or I sprinkled a few heaped tablespoons on top of my oats, and let me just tell you… it’s a total game changer.

I’m one for getting bored of oats and always looking for ways to change it up a little. So this is perfect for that extra crunch on a morning, and it adds a whole lot of health benefits to your bowl of creamy goodness.

3. Smoothies. Now when it comes to a fruit smoothie it can be quite carb-loaded because of all the fruit in it, but by adding a few tablespoons of Nutri-Brex actually adds wayyyy more health benefits.

From including Nutri-Brex into my smoothies during the last week I have seen a huge increase in my energy levels, and it’s so much easier to digest than normal granola.

I usually bloat after eating a big bowl of granola but with this, I still have my morning flat stomach even after breakfast!

4. As a topping. So if you like a yogurt or some warm rice pudding after your meal, but are trying to stay clear of chocolate chunks or sprinkles, try adding either flavours for that added texture and taste.

5. Baking. Yes you can use it in all kinds of recipies! I added a few spoonfuls to my healthy banana flapjacks for added flavour and texture.


Basic Flapjack Ingredients:
150ml milk – or a milk alternative e.g. soya, almond, rice milk etc.
2 mashed bananas – the riper the better as sweeter and easier to mash
150g porridge oats (about 2 handfuls)

Ideas for optional extras:
• a handful of whole/chopped/ground up sunflower or pumpkin seeds
• 1 heaped teaspoon of cinnamon
• a tablespoon of cocoa powder
• a handful raisins or cranberries
• a few tablespoons of dessicated coconut
• 1 tablespoon honey
• 1 tablespoon peanut butter
• For extra protein you can add a scoop of protein powder

& a 3/4 tablespoons of NUTRI-BREX.

(I used Nutri-Brex and added a handful of dark chocolate chips).


– Preheat oven 170 degrees C & line heat proof dish or cake tin with grease proof paper.
– Mix all ingredients together.
– Bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown.
You can also make them in to cookies by placing the mixture in cookie shaped blobs on the greaseproof paper and bake them on a tray.

Nutri-Brex also have their own recipes to get creative with, which you can find here, or follow the hashtag #mynutribrex on Instagram to see everyone else’s wonderful creations.

It is a slightly smoother and thinner texture than usual granola, however it still has the ultimate crunch and is so versatile.

You can now find it in local Tesco and Asda stores or online here.

Please let me know what you get up to with your Nutri-Brex, and tag it at #mynutribrex

Thanks for reading!


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