Skinny tan: review

Hello lovelies,

So unfortunately the reviews that were meant to be up last week are a bit overdue, as I have had the flu all week!

It’s funny how much you take your health for granted until you literally don’t feel well enough to move out of bed. That’s when you really envy the healthy you.

ANYWAYS, enough about that, I recently received some exciting goodies to review for you all.

I’ve been testing Skinny Tan’s dark mouse, 7 day tanner, express tan & pre tan primer with their very own tanning and exfoliating mitts over the past couple of weeks.

I first tried the instant mouse in colour ‘Dark’  AND I’m absolutely buzzing with the result.

I’m usually a spray tan gal, I love spray tans due to the fact I don’t have to put any effort into making myself look like a bronzed goddess. I just turn up, get sprayed, and get a shower the next day aaaannnd whallaaaa!

But let me just explain how SUPER EASY this tan is to apply.

You squirt enough tan onto your mitt, (I used their very own velvet mitt to apply all of Skinny Tan’s products) and just use circular motions to rub the mouse into your skin.

I seen a darkness to my skin instantly, but the directions on the bottle do state to leave it on for 6-8 hours to develop properly.

I really loved how this tanning mitt didn’t need you to wear gloves underneath. Its thick velvet material made the tan really easy to apply, and helped your skin feel super silky during application. For £4.99 everyone needs this tanning mitt in their beauty basket.

I showered, and then re-applied once the next day to achieve the desired darkness shown below.

I must say it has really surprised me and I will 100% always use this tan from now on.

I have seen Skinny Tan advertised so much recently, but sometimes it’s hard to find a product that lives up to its reputation.

But this most definitely has.

It’s smoothing organic oils make your skin feel so soft and nourished after use and their’s no nasty smell! Which is a total winner, there’s nothing worse than smelling like an Indian takeaway all night.

It’s coconut scent leaves your skin smelling lush, even after washing the excess tan off.

I would rate this product 10/10 – For easiness of application, the fact it smells like coconut, leaves my skin feeling super soft and makes me look like I’ve had a spray tan. For £26.99 this is unbelievable. The fact girls pay £20 a time for a spray tan makes this product worth every penny.

I then tried Skinny Tan’s primer and exfoliating mitt along with the express mouse 1 hour tan.

You apply the express tan the same as the instant mouse, but wash it off and a golden tan is left underneath.

This gets darker the longer you leave it on, so 1 hour is a medium tan result, 1-2 hours medium-dark, and 3+ is a really dark tan.

Now the thought of this really excited me, I mean those last minute plans don’t have to be declined anymore because you resemble Casper the ghost.

The photos above are the results from the 1 hour express tan.

I left the tan on for just over 2 hours to achieve this darkness and I must say I really didn’t think it would work this good.

Its amazing! A total life saver, if your way to busy to even think about tanning, and don’t have time or have forgotten to tan, then this is the perfect product for you.

It’s now super quick to look like you’ve been on holiday for a week in the sun, but without the damage to your skin. It actually moisturises and nourishes your skin. Could life get any better?!

This product contains natural tanning agents, again smells divine, and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

I would most definitely rate this product 10/10. Skinny Tan you’ve nailed this one. For the bargain price of £29.99, this is a total winner for me.

So before trying the express mouse, I did exfoliate my skin with the Skinny Tan primer and exfoliating mitt.

It’s creamy texture made it really easy to apply, and wasn’t like normal exfoliating products which rub against your skin and can sometimes hurt.

This smelt like coconut again, and contains smoothing and firming oils to get any unwanted tan off and create a super smooth base for your next application.

You just apply it in the shower or bath, use Skinny Tan’s exfoliating mitt and massage into desired areas. This is perfect for prone to dry skin areas, such as knees, elbows and ankles.

The mitt was two-sided and was made from a leathery material which made it so easy to get any dead skin or tan off.

This products is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians to use.

I rate both the primer and mitt 9/10. It smelt incredible, left my skin feeling super soft, got rid of all my previous tan and exfoliating is no longer a chore! For a total price of £17.99 you can have both the primer and mitt.


Lastly was the 7-day tanner.

I was a little sceptical about this, as when I first applied this to my skin I felt it looked a little orange and looking like an Umpa Lumpa was not the look I had in mind.

HOWEVER, once leaving this on my skin over-night and washing the excess off, I was left with a gorgeous, natural tan.

Below is photograph of my legs 4 days after application, and I must say it only started to rub off and look like I need to exfoliate on day 7.


This again is the perfect answer to those who don’t have much time to tan, are busy gals (or guys I suppose if you’re trying to achieve the Donald Trump look), and have too many events in their schedule.

This is just a very light golden tan, which is perfect if you’re just wanting a natural look, or even a base before you go on holiday.

This is 100% streak-free. In fact all of the Skinny Tan products (even the mouse when I applied it in a rush) are totally streak-free.

This product could also be good if you’re an older woman, as it’s natural ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and moisturises the skin.

I  rate this product 9/10. It’s THE perfect bronzing tan, if you’re trying to achieve the natural look then this product is the one you need to try. It nourishes your skin, leaves it smelling so nice, and super soft. For £19.99 this is a bargain, especially when you don’t have to worry about re-applying it for a whole week!


So that is my verdict. Skinny Tan you have transformed this spray tan loving girl into a total instant tan lover.

For tips on applying Skinny Tan head over to their website here or follow them on Instagram here.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect tan, which is streak-free, smells like coconuts, and leaves your skin feeling super soft after use, then SKINNY TAN is the one for you.

I have tagged all of the links to each product above, and you can now find these products in Superdrug stores across the country.

If you do try any of these products, please tag me on Instagram @rebekahjwright or Facebook @thelittlepeaceofme and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and look out for more exciting reviews this week.


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