Breakfast by Bella

Hi guys!

If you know me then no doubt you’ll know that I’m 100% a morning person, an early bird if you like.

So it’s not hard to realise that I’m a keen breakfast lover, but keeping variety in your everyday diet can be quiet a challenge when your a total foodie like myself.

However, I have been lucky enough to test and trial @Breakfastbybella’s granola!

I was sent the ‘Nutty Nosh’, ‘Cacao Crazy’, and ‘Peanut butter me up’ flavours.

I’m nuts about nuts, so I loved the fact they sent me two nutty flavours to try.

Now hands down the ‘Nutty Nosh’ flavour did it for me.

It had chunky nuts mixed in it, and you can’t beat something to crunch on!

The fact that all of the flavours were so versatile really made me excited for breakfast on a morning!

I tried all flavours with almond milk, Greek yogurt & fruit, and I even heated it up in the microwave with milk for 2 minutes and wallaaa…

… it works as a porridge too!

The peanut butter flavour mixed with normal oats, just gave your morning porridge a bland new twist!

It has quiet a kick to it, which I absolutely loved, and chunky peanuts hidden inside too.

I usually top my oats with a spoonful of peanut butter, but this meant I don’t have to.

Peanut butter flavoured oats… I mean does it get any better than that?!

The chocolate flavour was divine too, it contains real raw chocolate nibs, which is so beneficial for your health and doesn’t have any hidden sugars inside like in most granolas.

I loved how sweet but raw this tasted, even though it tasted soooo delicious, you really didn’t need a lot of this because of how rich it was.

This really is nutrition in a packet.

I also love how on each packet the ingredients is stated clearly and is 100% full of good natural products. (You won’t be finding any long words you can’t pronounce on the back of this label)

You know what’s going into your body, and it still tastes so so good. Win win.

You can also get creative too, you could soak them over night and grab them quick on your way to work, or bake them and create a heavenly healthy breakfast bar!

I really love all of the flavours and think Breakfast By Bella have out done themselves.

Brilliant, natural, clean ingredients that taste stunning.

If you’re looking for a new breakfast idea then definitely try these products. You can buy them here.

They also have their very own blog which you can create recipes with Breakfast By Bella granola.

Be sure to check that out too…Here.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @BreakfastByBella for regular updates and new announcements.

For regular updates follow me on Instagram & Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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