Neanderthals Health Deli review

I recently treat my dad to a lovely breakfast at a newly established deli in the heart of Norton.

Now, anybody who knows me, or reads my blog, will know how much I am obsessed with healthy, nutritional, wholesome foods, so when I was asked to review this place I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store.

As soon as you walk into the deli the relaxed shabby chic style really caught our eye.

The decor was so striking, and their  painting on the wall was so stunning and unique it really brightened the place up.

The cosy corner spot we chose made us feel right at home, it was the perfect place to sit for hours and catch up, or peacefully enjoy a good book.

They also have an outdoor terrace, where you can sit on a sunny day and bring a furry friend along too!

Breakfast hours start from 8:30am and finish at 11:30, so we chose to go just before 11. The place was really busy which ultimately gave me high expectations, and I was so excited to try the new menu.

The breakfast menu had a wide variety to choose from, and made our decision extra hard. The menu ranged from carnivore’s, herbivores, sweet-potato stacks, porridge, and poached eggs on toast.

We decided to order some drinks first, and I opted for a loose leaf fruit tea, and my dad, an organic flat white coffee.

The tea was so refreshing, it had a fruity kick to it, and the look of it was definitely what us bloggers would call ‘Instagram worthy’.

I love how you can see all the fruit floating around in your own little tea pot.

My dad said the coffee was 10/10. The best flat white he’d ever had, so if you’re a regular coffee drinker, or you just need a little kick to start your day, I would recommend stopping by Neanderthals for one of their special organic coffees.


We finally decided what food we were having, I chose the banana and berries protein pancakes, and my dad opted for a sausage and egg sandwich.

The sourdough bun was delicious my dad said, and the meat and eggs were so tasty. It was obvious that they were not cooked in a whole load of fat. I mean who wants grease covered sausages?! Not me.

Next up, were my pancakes.

Well just look at them, doesn’t the photo say enough really?

The protein pancakes have the choice of maple syrup, but i’m personally not a lover so decided to go without.

The creamy texture, and vanilla flavour made my taste buds tickle with happiness. I’d seen a lot of photographs (from stalking their Instagram mainly) but wasn’t expecting them to taste this good.


Usually, when something has protein in, i’m not that keen, the chemical after-taste isn’t much appealing for me, but with these, you wouldn’t even know that their was any protein in them at all.

They taste too naughty to be this healthy!!

The fruit was really fresh too, and complimented the pancakes nicely.

The other option of pancakes came with maple syrup, streaky bacon, and a poached egg, so if you fancy some pancakes, but aren’t a sweet-tooth type of gal like myself, then there literally is something for everyone.



Also if you’re visiting, be sure not to miss their little fridge at the entrance, which is filled with all types of delicious clean treats, homemade by their very own in house baker.

After my meal, I thought I’d squeeze in a healthy raw ‘Marathon Bar’, their take on a snicker, and a super clean chocolate oat biscuit, their version of a classic hobnob.

Paired with an organic americano coffee, this literally was the perfect combination. But a little advice – Don’t over dunk your oat biscuit, or you’ll end up with half of it swimming around in your coffee.


‘Marathon Bar’.

The marathon bar, for me, was tastier than a real snickers bar. It’s by far my favourite clean treat of theirs, and the chunky nuts just add that extra crunch.

It’s actually one of your five-a-day too. Bonus!

You don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself to one of these, these bars are literally a saviour for all those sweet-tooth’s out there.




Their lunch and tea menu runs from 11:30am – 4:30pm, and they serve a huge selection, from Buddha bowls, steak burgers, and spag bol to sarnie’s, salads, and avocado and eggs on toast!

The menu has a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten and diary free options. So if you have any special dietary requirements then this is the place to visit.

They also now serve a children’s menu, which is great that you can now have a family outing, and encourage younger children to eat healthier.



Neanderthals is the perfect go to, whether you’re just stopping by for a quick cuppa and a healthy slice of carrot cake, or if you’re wanting a full blown meal to fuel your day.

Another added bonus is just upstairs there’s a full fitness studio, Marrs Fitness, where you can visit for personal training sessions, or sign up to their boot-camp and Pilates sessions.

For regular updates on both fitness and food, follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thanks for reading, and make sure your next brunch outing is at 103 Norton High street.

For regular updates from me follow my Instagram @rebekahjwright and Facebook here.



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