Cocoa + protein chocolate review

Hello and happy 1st of November to all my lovely readers!

Can you believe how fast this year has gone? Almost as frightening as Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, today’s post is for all the sweet-tooth lovers out there.

Cocoa + sent me their latest collection of chocolate treats for me to try, and did I mention it’s packed full of protein?!

Yes that’s right. All you grumpy gym-goers who are craving some sweet chocolate, your prayers have been answered.

Cocoa + has created a new milk chocolate bar that is now bigger, better and tastier than ever.

A standard milk chocolate bar contains 25% cocoa solids (Not much at all) and 55% sugar, which is the largest ingredient.

Now, I’m a total chocolate lover so it’s a bit dis-heartening to learn your favourite treats are packed with 50-70g of sugar.

BUT, this is where Cocoa + cures all our problems… well chocolate problems.

Their new milk chocolate bar has 55% cocoa solids and a huge reduction of sugar compared to normal chocolate bars.

It now only has 20% sugar in the full bar.

I tried their previous milk chocolate bar, and to be honest it was my least favourite flavour of theirs, as you can see in my last review here.

But hats off to Cocoa + they’ve listened to our feedback and created a protein chocolate like no other.

This chocolate is fused with a rich creamy texture, melts in your mouth, and is a high quality luxury chocolate.

It has no sweeteners, sugar alcohols or fructose syrup and is naturally high in fibre and made from all natural ingredients.

They also sent me the ‘chocolate crisp’ flavour, which I absolutely loved too.

This bar had little bits of chocolate hidden inside, which is perfect if you like that extra crunch.

The little 40g bars are so handy too, you can just chuck one in your bag for after your gym session – the perfect post-workout snack!

I also loved the little heart treats, why not treat your partner to a nice romantic surprise…

Or if you’re a singleton, then these are perfect melted on top of your creamy oats on a morning for added nutrition and taste.

The 70g chocolate bars contain 27g of protein (more than a steak)!!

So all in all, I would rate cocoa+ milk chocolate 9.5/10.

It’s the perfect treat if you’re cutting out the crap, but still want something sweet to satisfy those cravings!

The chocolate crisp flavour I’d rate 9/10.

Personally the milk chocolate is now my number one, but this crunchy bar was delicious and definitely worth trying!

I hope you enjoyed today’s chocolate themed post,

Keep your eyes peeled for more…

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