The winter wardrobe must have

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a must-read if you’re a total fashion frenzy like myself.

I recently went shopping and got some essentials for my winter wardrobe, and I want to share them with you and how to style these must have essentials.

Firstly, It’s getting super cold here in England, so if you live anywhere close then you’ll understand that looking cute is important, but feeling warm is a necessity. Well, that’s how i see it anyway.

Winter wardrobe essentials: Hat & Jumper – River Island Jeans – Topshop.

Let’s discuss Jumpers.

When it comes to Christmas time (the best time of the year), the dark mornings and nights start to haunt us, and getting out of bed seems to become an ever fading challenge.

You stumble over to your wardrobe and grab the first thing you see – hoping it’s ironed, and some what presentable.

To only find when you get to the mirror at work that you’ve grabbed a jumper from last years season, with 4 massive holes staring you back in the face.

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Now I know a few rips and tears might seem fashionable in today’s ever changing style BUT I think we can all agree our winter wardrobes might need a slight re-vamp.

Well, that is where I’m here to give you some advice on what to style your winter jumpers with this year, because of course, it is the winter essential.




Now a lot of people ask me where I get my style inspiration from, and it’s fair to say I was blessed with a mother who was fashion crazy throughout all her life.

She’s a seamstress, so clothes are her career, and from a young age she used to go to the local market, buy some fabric with her spends and make her own clothes from scratch.

But there are also some influencers that I love to get ideas from, and one in particular that I have been loving is Niamh Cullen, a fashion influencer from Ireland.

If you haven’t checked her Instagram feed out, then you definitely need to @NiamhCullenx



So let’s get on to the important part.

You’ve found this years jumper, it’s cute, cosy, and a perfect suit for this years trend. But what do you wear with it I here you ask?

Well If it’s a fluffy, pom-pom, furry-fied jumper, I suggest simple ankle boots and dark  jeans.

If it’s light coloured, then pair it with light blue jeans and either high knee or ankle boots, I’d suggest brown suede but black suits anything.

If it’s a sparkly number, then glam it up. Match it with all black attire, high knee statement boots are key here.

If it’s bright, in your face and all things loud, then tone it with colours, don’t contrast too much or you can end up looking like a Christmas tree with multi-coloured lights all over it. And as much as we love Christmas trees, we definitely don’t want to resemble one.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

So that’s today’s little advice post for your winter wardrobe.

I hope it helps you style your Christmas Jumper sparingly, don’t forget to comment below and tag me in pictures of your style savvy outfits on Facebook & @Rebekahjwright on Instagram.


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