Blogmas day 2: Five festive things to do over Christmas

Hello again you lovely lot,

Now I don’t know about you, but as soon as December hits, I go slightly Christmas mad.

For me there’s nothing better than getting tucked up on the sofa, Christmas tree lit, and ELF on the tele.

Oh and don’t forget the marshmallow filled hot chocolate I’ll be sipping!

I was sat thinking about all the Christmas things I love to do in the run up to the big day, and decided to make a list for you all.

Whether it’s with the family, with the kids or just on your own, there’s fun to be had this year.

1. Your local Christmas market.

Every year my local town has a Christmas light turn on, and this year they brought cute stalls along too. Mulled wine, chocolate covered strawberries and treats for everyone. If there isn’t one in your local town, then make sure you hit up the big city’s like York, Manchester and Leeds as they are amazing and fun for all ages. All though if you are attending one make sure you bring your hat, gloves and scarf, because it’s not the warmest of events!

2. Ice skating

At a hall near my house (Wynyard hall for any local readers) they put on a Christmas market each year and set up an ice rink right outside! So if you can’t make winter wonder land in London or New York this year, then make sure you hunt for a local outdoor ice rink, or just go to your closest forum. It definitely gets you in the mood for winter!

3. Christmas games night

If you’re strapped for cash this year, or just want to get all your friends together in one room, then holding the annual games night can be quiet a challenge. Deciding on a game everyone loves can seem quite tricky, especially with that one competitive friend of yours. However it’s an easy excuse to play your all time favourite board games all in one night, and don’t forget those drinking games!

4. Christmas baking competition

Nothing quite spells Christmas like fresh pud and warm custard. Why not invite your pals round for a cupcake competition! Who knows you might just be the next Mary berry of your friend group.

5. Charity work

Now I know doing all the lovey family stuff is great, but sometimes it’s nice to remember the less fortunate at this time of the year. Not everyone has a family to share Christmas with, and not everyone will get a present, or even a meal on the table.

Giving a chair up one Sunday at your lunch table would be a great way to give back this Christmas, or even helping your local food bank feed the homeless. Or getting involved in local sponsored charity events.

I hope some of these ideas bring you some fun days out, and some cosy nights in to get you prepared in the run up to Christmas!

Comment below your favourite festive days out and perfect nights in, and let me know if you tried any of mine.

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