Blogmas day 3: Vegan hot chocolate recipe

Hello everyone,

Today’s blogmas post is for those cosy nights in round the fire, Christmas tree lit, and an endless sequel of films on the tele.

But what’s missing you might ask?

Well of course, a hot chocolate is the essential to any chill night in.

I have a one ingredient, vegan friendly, low fat, hot chocolate recipe for you all and I can guarantee it’s the creamiest hot chocolate you’ll ever taste!

So what’s the secret ingredient?

Alpro dark chocolate almond milk!

It doesn’t taste like dark chocolate at all, in fact it tastes so milky and creamy I couldn’t believe it was under 100 calories, it tasted too nice.

I poured the milk into my mug and heated it in the microwave for 1 minute and whallaa, my cosy night in is complete.

Of course I had to add my favourite mini marshmallows and dark chocolate sprinkles on top, but you can get creative with yours and add all your delicious toppings on too.

This dreamy drink will warm you up and conquer all your sweet cravings, it’s a perfect low fat option to a hot chocolate to keep your waist lines trim this season.

Don’t forget to tag me in some pictures of your hot chocolate extravaganzas on Instagram @rebekahjwright and Facebook here.

See you tomorrow for my latest post of blogmas!

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