Blogmas day 5: Christmas tree reveal

Hello everyone, can you believe it’s day five of my 12 day blogmas already!

I will definitely miss talking you lot daily, but it’s gave me the incentive to write more on my blog no matter how busy I am, because this is something I really love doing.

Anyway, onto today’s post.

This is a relatively festive one, but I have some exciting posts planned for over the next week, that contain, beauty, fashion and even some Christmas recipes.

But today’s post is something that can’t be missed.

My Christmas tree reveal!!

Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s tradition in my house to get a real Christmas tree every year.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of the tree throughout the house.

You know it really is Christmas in our home when the lights are on, the tree is full of traditional baubles, and the tinsel is glistening.

Although Albert (my dog) does try his way, and attack it from time to time. He thinks the baubles are his to play with.

I know some people put stars at the top of their trees but we always have and probably always will have, an angel.

The tree is always filled with chocolate goodies underneath, we never put Christmas presents under the tree… mainly because I’d go snooping, and because they wouldn’t all fit.

Does anyone else have their very own bauble? Mine was from my first ever Christmas and has my name engraved.

My Mam hangs mine and Jacks very first bauble every year.

We have never really been the type of family that colour co-ordinates their tree.

We have all sorts of sentimental, colourful baubles instead.

If I had to describe my tree in three words it would be wacky, wonderful and traditional.

There’s nothing like a traditional festive tree.

If you had to describe your Christmas tree in three words, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to know!

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