Blogmas day 7: Christmas Eve box ideas


Today’s post is dedicated to Christmas Eve.

If you ask me it’s the most exciting night of the year.

I still get excited even at 20 years old, I mean Christmas is always going to be exciting, especially in my house.

My Mam has always made each Christmas special, I don’t think it would be the same without her Christmas spirit.

Anyway, I’ve put together a list of all the things you need to make the perfect Christmas Eve box for your loved ones.

1. Pyjamas (of course)

Everyone needs new pj’s on Christmas Eve!

2. Hot Chocolate and marshmallows

Hot chocolates are the ultimate winter necessity. If whoever your buying for isn’t a hot chocolate type of gal or guy, (not sure why your friends with them if they aren’t, but anyway…) then why not buy them their favourite beverage instead.

3. The persons favourite Christmas film (or book)

Everyone needs something to watch on Christmas Eve to get them super excited!

4. Their favourite chocolate/sweets

Nothing can beat a good munch while watching your favourite film in bed.

5. Comfy socks

Seriously as you get older you appreciate socks so much more… no one wants cold feet this time of the year!

… and last but not least, you can’t forget biscuits for Santa and carrots for his reindeers!

No matter how old you are, everyone needs to be appreciated and excited on Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and got some inspiration for your Christmas Eve boxes!

See you tomorrow,

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