How to stay motivated

Happy Sunday everyone!

Since I had such a great response from my last blog post, today’s is on a similar topic. I thought I’d put a little list of top tips together for all those still struggling to get out of the January slump.

I think, as soon as Christmas is over everyone goes mad on the ‘New year, New me‘ motto, but within a few weeks things seem to be deflated, and you’re back to your usual self, and usual habits.

Life definitely gets a little discouraging, and loosing track of your goals is a trap we all easily fall into; Whether that’s eating absolute crap, drinking and going out every weekend, not sticking to your gym routine, or simply sending that f*ck boy a drunk text, when you promised your self you wouldn’t.

A lot of life consists of motivating yourself, and having persistence with the things and challenges that life throws your way.

A question I get asked on a regular basis is “How do you stay so motivated?”

This can sometimes be about my blog, or about my gym routine and healthy eating habits.

Personally for me, it is routine because I’ve done it for so long, it’s kind of natural and feels wrong if I don’t do it.

But this is where persistence plays a huge part in motivation. You have to be persistent to see change, with anything. Make that thing you thought was impossible, achievable.

Tip 1: Baby Steps

Set yourself small goals each week. Once you’ve achieved these you will start to see that the once thought of ‘impossible’ task is now in reach.

This is a great way to get yourself prepared and motivated. For example, if your goal is to be a super fit fitness gal, but don’t even like climbing up the stairs at work, then set yourself a goal in your first week of going on a 15-30 minute walk every other day. Then week 2, set yourself the task of going to the gym twice that week. Week 3, incorporate walks and gym. This then gets you prepared, and ready to take things more serious.

It trains your body and mind to not focus on that thing as ‘ah I’ll never be like that’. It makes your mentality decide, that actually, “I’ve done this, so next week I’ll be able to do that”. It’s just like any job, or anything we’re good at. When I first started my job I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. But step by step, you learn, you pick it up, and all of a sudden it’s natural to you and you know it inside out.

Tip 2: Reward yourself

Everyone has different treats they allow themselves. Now I’m not saying forget all the progress you’ve made and reward yourself with a huge takeaway every Saturday night after a week of eating good, and attending the gym. Allow yourself some ‘me’ time. Whether that’s a nice hot bubble bath, a movie night, a pamper, or just treating yourself to some new clothes.

If you really are struggling to keep at things, then I suggest rewarding yourself after so many days, it helps keep the progression afloat. Your mind thinks ‘if I stick to this then, I’ll buy myself this on Wednesday, or I’ll have a pamper night and enjoy that chocolate bar I’ve not had all week’. It’s kind of tricking your brain into doing what your stopping yourself doing. Stop making excuses and start making progress.

Tip 3: Remind yourself how far you’ve came

Now one thing that I even still do is doubt myself. I’m not a person with a whole lot of self confidence. I sometimes compare myself to other people instead of comparing myself to myself (I know it sounds little cliche but it’s true).

I sometimes have these really anxious moments where I feel really crappy about myself, even if that’s just something I do, like my writing. I compare myself to bloggers who’ve been at this for years, and think “what’s the point, I’ll never be as good as them”. This then leads me to get unmotivated to the point where I don’t do things for weeks because I feel I’m rubbish at it.

It’s this type of mentality that stops people from achieving their goals. No matter how small their goal may be. Self-doubt is the biggest dream squasher of all. One thing I still have to tell myself to this day is – They started somewhere, and that’s what I have to do too. After all practise makes perfect.

I hope this post has gave someone some courage to get up and do that thing they’ve been putting off. Have some self-belief and don’t ever forget yourself.

Make sure you’re comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday, not the girl who’s been doing the thing you want to do for 10 years already.

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3 thoughts on “How to stay motivated

  1. This has been perfectly timed for me as I’ve had a bit of self doubt this weekend. I’m expecting too much of myself and not managing my time or expectations properly. Thanks for the logical perspective and making me set small goals to achieve big.

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