Think Cink: Lash review

Hello everyone,

I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that today’s post is another beauty related review!

I was sent some blogger mail a few weeks back now, of some stunning false eyelashes by Think Cink.

I’d heard about this company a lot via social media, and seen some of my other blogger friends had also received parcels from this company, so I was really excited to try their products out.

I received 3 pairs of eyelashes, all of different shapes and volume, so for a few weeks I have been testing each style and volume, for different occasions and even testing the strength of the lashes and the glue, and also how many uses I got out of each pair.

The packaging was beautiful and striking, which I loved because it was so different to any other lashes I’d tried before.

(Usually a sucker for cheap Primark ones, so wearing these has been a luxury).

I received the lashes ‘Holy grail‘ which are £6.99 to purchase from their website.I also received the Lash ‘butterfly kiss‘ which retail at £6.99.Last but not least I received ‘Turn up 3D silk lashes‘ which retail a little bit more at £8.99.I personally loved each lash, all had a very thin or clear border, so when applied to my natural eye it was hard to see that they were actually false lashes, which is exactly what I want when I wear a product like this.

Here I was wearing butterfly kiss which was a little bit more of a light, soft, natural look. Perfect for a day to day lash look.

These were super easy to apply, and the glue that came with these lashes was really good quality.

Usually I use eyelure glue, as this is a trusted glue I’ve used on all my eyelashes for years. However, because I wanted to do an in-depth review for you all, I tested their own glue and I was really impressed.

They held in place all day, until I finally decided to peel them off!

The glue came in each pack, and was easy to apply with it’s thin wand applicator.

Above I’m wearing ‘Holy Grail’ which were my second favourite pair of lashes out of the bundle I was sent.

I loved the varied lash length and fullness. The style of these are really in at the moment, and create a fuller natural look for your eyes.

I don’t have huge eyes, so I always try to go for a fuller and longer lash. This style of lash was perfect for making my eyes look bigger, but still appropriate for day time wear.

Here I’m wearing ‘Turn Up’ which were my favourite lashes. In fact, I’d probably say these are my new all time favourite lashes.

When I’m going out, I love a big thick lash, but not something that’s going to weigh my eyes down and make me feel like I have bat wings on my eyelids all day long.

Comfort is definitely key, especially if you’re wearing them all day & night.

These 3D lashes were so comfortable to wear, and had SO much volume and curl.

Each strand of silk varies in size to replicate how natural eyelashes grow. I got complimented on these lashes every time I wore them.

I have got 5 uses out of these lashes so far, and are super easy to clean and reuse. Which for £8.99 you would want, but after using these, I can honestly say the cost is definitely worth it.

Think Cink also have a range of bundles you can buy on their website, which offer really big savings.

Follow their social media pages to keep up to date with their products and offers:



Let me know in the comments below if you purchase any of these stunning lashes and your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,

3 thoughts on “Think Cink: Lash review

  1. they look so good on you! can we talk about how flawless your makeup looks? Why haven’t I seen your posts before? I followed your blog and cant wait to read through your other posts xx

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