8 week challenge: Week 1 update

Hello everyone,

So it’s been one whole week since I last spoke to you about my new challenge I was going to be undertaking over the next 8 weeks.

Unfortunately today’s update isn’t going to be telling you about any fantastic progress as I’ve been in bed all week with the a serious case of the flu.

I was debating whether to even share anything and start again this week, however I told you I would be posting this to be held accountable for and to be totally honest with you lot!

So even though I’ve been really sick, not felt like eating much at all, and had no energy to do any exercise, I still made some healthy choices.

Now I know how super easy it is to feel sorry for yourself when you’re feeling under the weather, and thinking “Stuff it, I’ll start again next week” and eating the whole contents of your fridge…

But, when you’re poorly your body needs the right type of fuel so that it can repair and speed up your healing process.

Even though I’ve been unable to attend the gym for a whole week nearly, I still have been eating lots of protein and vegetables to get all the right vitamins into my body, and trying my best to get some steps in each day, even if it’s a light walk for 15 minutes.

So here are some food examples that I’ve been eating over the last week.

Although I haven’t been well enough to work out, it’s gave me some time to think about my goals and what I really want out of this challenge.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos all week, and learning some new exercises which I’m excited to try when I’m back in the gym (hopefully Friday).

Rest is just as important when it comes to your fitness goals. Your body needs time to rest and heal from the work your body is putting in.

So just remember to make sure you rest your body and fuel it right.

If you’d like to know what exactly my meals contained this week then drop me message.




Thanks for reading,

Hopefully I’ll have some new workout content up next week!

4 thoughts on “8 week challenge: Week 1 update

  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about overnight oats, and even bought one from Kashi that you pour milk/plant milk in and leave overnight in your fridge, but never got around to doing it. I think I just don’t like the idea of eating cold oatmeal. However, this inspired me to reconsider giving it a try.


    1. Yeah they are great if you’re in a hurry! They’re super easy to make the night before too. I use unsweetened almond milk and add some berries and it sweetens it over night! Let me know if you try 😊xx


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