An evening with… The Black Olive

Hello everyone,

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my fitness journey recently on my 8-week challenge posts, then you’ll know that unfortunately I haven’t been well this past few weeks so this blog post is a little over due.

Anyway, just over a week ago now I was invited and attended an amazing bloggers event at The Black Olive in Yarm.


I was invited by a lovely business woman called Jess, who I met in London last year when I visited the River Island Studios, and funnily enough I travelled all the way down South and met someone from Middlesbrough (which If you didn’t know is the town right next to my hometown, and where I work and go to University).

Jess was so lovely and friendly, and works in fashion marketing, so when I learned that she had put this fantastic evening together, I was so happy to have a little reunion and meet up with her again.

The event was held at a lovely chíc cocktail lounge on Yarm High Street, and had the longest list of cocktails I’d ever seen.

The interior was to die for, and well, so were the cocktails!


There was a range of influential guest speakers: From James Pennington, the owner of Viral Effect to Jonathan Waters who works at Eighty8, which are both marketing companies based in Middlesbrough.

Their advice was brilliant, I learned the importance of self branding, and self hosting, and what it takes to make your brand look professional. Overall it was a fun evening filled with lots of informative facts, food and new faces!

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It was the perfect way to network with new people. I loved the idea of not having the pressure of walking into a daunting room full of people in suits, but instead enjoying a wonderful night, and socialising with professionals.

It was fun and that’s how all networking events should be, as it’s a fresh way to learn new things without feeling under pressure and intimated by formal (and mostly boring) network meetings.

Jess put together an amazing event, and I met some really cool local bloggers who I will definitely be keeping in touch with.

I also received an amazing little goodie bag filled with all kinds of gifts!

The event ended with live music, lots of free pizza and jäger bombs… could you possibly wish for anything more?!

So what do you wear to an event like this I hear you ask?

For make-up I wanted to try something different and go for a bold and trendy look.

Bright, colourful, popping eyes are really in at the moment, so I tried out my new Desert Dusk palette from Huda Beauty, and created this pink smokey eye look. If anyone would like a tutorial on this look please comment and let me know below.

For the event I paired some crystal and pearl detailed jeans with a pair of beige sock boots and a floral shirt with of course my Fur coat, because nobody likes to be cold!


Coat: Zara

Blouse: Miss Selfridge

Jeans: River Island

Boots: Public Desire

Bag: Topshop

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and an insight into a fantastic blogging event.

If you haven’t been already you really need to check out The Black Olive in Yarm, the cocktails are second to none, and the food is so delicious you won’t know what portion control is!

Thanks for reading, for regular updates follow my social media handles below:




Speak soon,


15 thoughts on “An evening with… The Black Olive

  1. What a neat event! I will have to look around and find some in my community.. we just moved here, so it should be interesting to find out what’s out there! Also your eye shadow is amazing!


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