8 week challenge: week 2 update

Hi lovelies!

Sorry this is a little bit over due, I’ve had a busy week catching up with uni work and I actually bought my first car!

I’m super excited because now this means I can attend alllll those early gym sessions I had no way of getting to before.

I love working out in the morning, does anyone else agree? I love getting up, getting it done and feeling ready to start my day.

I haven’t got much to share with you this week, as I don’t want to do progress pictures until the very end of my 8 week challenge.

I’ve been trying to up my water intake to 4 litres a day, just because when I work out I tend to drink a litre then anyway, so getting another three 1 litre bottles in has been my goal this week.

I have felt a lot better in myself by just eating a lot cleaner and sticking to wholesome foods rather than processed crap.

I’m still struggling with my sweet tooth. I have been curing this with having 2 rice cakes coated with peanut butter and a banana, or a piece of dark chocolate… okay, a few pieces.

But let’s be realistic, you can’t beat those cravings every time, and a few pieces of chocolate won’t hurt now and then!

I have also been trying to shop about for my food. I know how expensive eating healthy can be, so wanted to create a meal for less than £4.

Above I bought some microwaveable rice & quinoa for £1 from Tesco, along with chicken sausages, salad leaves, and a big bag of vegetable chip for just less than £3 in Aldi.

It is super simple, nutritious, and really filling. AND it tastes great!

I’ve also been trying to get into protein bars, and have found two favourites up to now. The PHD chocolate peanut butter flavour and white chocolate blondie flavour is so good!

I buy these from my local Tesco store and they’re currently on offer, so definitely try one if you haven’t already. If you’re not really into protein bars I’d recommend the white chocolate one, you really can’t taste the protein, and it’s got 20g of the stuff in it!

I also filmed a little leg workout for you all, the exercises and sets are listed on the video, I did 5 rounds of the full circuit but challenge yourself and see how many you can do…

Thanks for reading let me know if you enjoyed today’s post in the comments below and follow my social media for recent updates:



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