GymShark: Fitness Wear Review

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Hope you’re all good, sorry I’ve been super busy recently so haven’t got round to doing much with my blog, but I’m going to make sure that I get at least one blog post up a week starting now (I’ve set a thousand reminders in my phone so there’s no excuses).

I’m going to be posting a lot of Beauty, Fashion and Fitness posts up in the next few weeks, particularly make-up tutorials, Fashion look-books, and I also have the usual fitness supplement reviews coming, so if that sounds appealing then keep your eyes open!

So, let’s get into today’s post…

Now if anyone follows even one Fitness Guru on Instagram then you’ll probably know who GymShark are.

I’ve heard of them for quite a while now, but had never really thought about purchasing any of their items because, in all honesty, I thought it was all an over-rated hype that would eventually pass.

I was wrong.

Anyway, when they had their Big Birthday Sale a few weeks ago I had a little browse on their website and a few items caught my eye…

I purchased the Fit Joggers in Light Grey, with the Fit pull over zip hoody, along with the Ombré seamless set in light grey and chalk pink.

I can’t remember the exact price I paid for it all, but I do know I got a good deal because the gym wear was in the sale and I received 10% discount on the tracksuit.

I’ve linked each item above so you can see the current price for yourself.

Let’s talk about the gym wear first.

First impressions when I opened the package was that I LOVED the colour, it was SO cute and the lush pastel colours definitely looked even better in real life!

Secondly, the material. It was sooOoooOoo soft and dreamy. I literally didn’t want to take it off.

Now, the air con in my gym isn’t 10/10 so therefore I was a little hesitant about how sweaty I’d be in a full long sleeved set.

I could not believe how breathable this fabric was. The material has tiny mesh holes in to make it absorb the sweat.

I also had no rubbing or irritation while wearing it, and none even from the sports bra under my arm when I went running (which I usually get with my other sports bra’s from the likes of Adidas and Nike).

They did look really small when I took them out the bag (I ordered XS) but they were just super stretchy, literally the perfect fit even for my little legs.

Overall I was well impressed. In comparison to the likes of Nike and Adidas this flew past them in relation to Fit, Fabric, Comfort, and even Squat proof! Even the price was good compared to those big brand names. I will 100% be buying all my gym clothes from GymShark from now on.

After I’d tried the brand for myself and was super impressed I then went hunting for loungewear.

If anyone knows me, I’m the Queen of comfort. Literally. My Mam says I have a serious obsession with loungewear and PJ’s but seriously, who can have too many comfy clothes?!

So I came across their FIT tracksuit, and well I ordered that too.

I ordered an XS in this set too (I forgot to take a picture with the hoody on) and at first I thought they were going to be way too big.

Once I had them on though, the big elastic waist band easily tightened and they were actually the fit I’d been looking for.

They weren’t dead fitted, that wasn’t what I wanted, they were more fitted ones on the site but I wanted some joggers that showed my shape, but not super hugging where I felt like I was wearing leggings.

Again, these are 100% the comfiest pair of joggers I’ve ever had. They’re just super soft, I felt like I was wearing my pyjamas they were that soft and snuggly.

I loved the hoody too, it was more fitted which I preferred as I didn’t want to look like I had baggy clothes on, trust me when you’re 5ft you need some tight clothes or you end up looking like a 7 year old little boy.

The zip pull over also had thumb holes but I chose to turn them over and it still looked totally fine.

In comparison to what high end ranges cost for tracksuits, and comparing the quality to the GymShark one, I’d say GymShark wins.

It’s hands down the comfiest tracksuit I’ve ever worn, and I own Nike, Adidas, Victoria Secret and Ralph Lauren.

I hope this has helped someone in two minds about ordering from GymShark, because honestly I really do not think you’ll be disappointed.

The only downfall I had was with the delivery time. They took about 7-10 days to arrive when I’d chosen standard delivery of 3-5 days. However it was there Big Birthday Sale, and they did apologise for the wait.

Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for more and in the mean time visit my social media handles below…



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